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Maree Crabbe
Maree Crabbe is an expert on young people and sexuality. Photo: Simon Schluter

Adolescent sexuality expert Maree Crabbe on pornography's impact on young people.
Technology has enabled the proliferation of pornography, making it so pervasive that it has become
the main sex educator for many young people.

This is a profound problem because it gives a distorted view of sexuality and human relations,
predominantly involves violence against women and encourages hazardous practices.

A doctor looks at a heroin addict's brain scans.
New research shows men who say they are addicted to porn … develop changes in the same area – the reward centre – that changes in drug addicts.' Photograph: Don McPhee for the Guardian

The Cambridge University neuropsychiatrist Dr Valerie Voon has recently shown that men who describe themselves as addicted to porn (and who lost relationships because of it) develop changes in the same brain area – the reward centre – that changes in drug addicts.

Neurosceptics may argue that pictures of the brain lighting up in addicts tell us nothing new – we already know they are addicted.
But they do help: knowing the reward centre is changed explains some porn paradoxes.
About "Manning Up" Now.

Rosie Batty
Experiencing profound personal grief, Motherly heart ache and loss after the murder of her son, by her estranged husband and Father of their son, Rosie Batty who was declared 2015 Australian Woman of the year, has been selflessly leading the drive to expose a more honest, open, realistic, public revelation to the prevalence of domestic abuse and violence perpetrated over women and partners across all levels of our materialistic focused society.
Of course, admittedly, there are occasional situations where men are victims of female domestic violence as there also are in cases of same sex relationships.

Cowardly,  depraved behaviour.

Punched Woman

Bright Logo
Make what you can of this picture (below) there are
two distinct images.

Duck  Rabbit

Are you able to see two creatures ?
Of Feathers or Fur?
By changing the way our mind / Ego interprets things we now can see that the things we look at change.
Life changing moments can be this simple with Hakomi therapy.

Yes, as with this picture our observation of perceived to be compulsive behaviour is manifested avoidance of deeper emotional discomfort.

Similarly there is much to be learned beneath our outward, too often judgemental observations.



Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder

People with PAPD are characterized by covert obstructionism, procrastination, stubbornness, and inefficiency. Such behavior is a manifestation of passively expressed underlying aggression. In the DSM-V the disorder is also called negativistic PD.


1 - PAPD patients characteristically procrastinate, resist demands for adequate
performance, find excuses for delays, and find fault with those on whom they
depend; yet they refuse to extricate themselves from the dependent relationships.

2 - They usually lack assertiveness and are not direct about their own needs and wishes.
They fail to ask needed questions about what is expected of them and may become
anxious when forced to succeed or when their usual defense of turning anger against
themselves is removed.

3 - In interpersonal relationships, these people attempt to manipulate themselves into
a position of dependence, but others often experience this passive, self-detrimental
behavior as punitive and manipulative.

4 - People with this disorder expect others to do their errands and to carry out their
routine responsibilities.

5 - Friends and clinicians may become enmeshed in trying to assuage the patients' many
claims of unjust treatment.

6 - The close relationships of people with PAPD, however, are rarely tranquil or happy.
Because they are bound to their resentment more closely than to their satisfaction,
they may never even formulate goals for finding enjoyment in life.

7 - People with this disorder lack self-confidence and are typically pessimistic about the

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