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"Love never hurts......
It's in the wanting to be loved,
Wherein lies our pain."

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow,
As the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man".
William Shakespeare.

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Book Sibling SocietyIn his phenomenal bestseller, Iron John, Robert Bly captivated the nation with the wisdom embedded in a thousand-year-old fairy tale, creating both a cultural movement and publishing history.

Now, in Sibling Society, Bly turns to stories as unexpected as Jack and the Beanstalk and the Hindu tale of the Ganesha to illustrate and illuminated the troubled soul of our nation itself.

What he shows us is a culture where adults remain children, and where children have no desire to become adults- a nation of squabbling siblings.

Through his use of poetry and myth, Bly takes us beyond the sociological statistics and tired psychobabble to see our dilemma afresh.

In this sibling culture that he describes, we tolerate no one above us and have no concern for anyone below us.

Like sullen teenagers, we live in our peer group, glancing side to side, rather than upward, for direction.
We have brought down all forms of hierarchy because hierarchy is based on power, often abused.

Yet with that leveling we have also destroyed any willingness to look up or down.

Without that "verticle gaze," as Bly calls it, we have no longing for the good, no deep understanding of evil.
We shy away from great triumphs and deep sorrow.
We have no elders and no children; no past and no future.
What we are left with is spiritual flatness.

The talk show replaces family.

Instead of art we have the Internet.
n place of community we have the mall.

By drawing upon such magnificent spirits as Pablo Neruda, Rumi, Emily Dickenson, and Ortegay Gasset, Bly manages to show us the beautiful possibilities of human existence, even as he shows us the harshest truths.

Still, his probing is deeper and more unsettling than the usual cultural criticism.
He finds that our economy's stimulation of adolescent envy and greed has changed us fundamentally.

The Superego that once demanded high standards in our work and in our ethics no longer demands that we be good but merely "famous," bathed in the warm glow of superficial attention.

Driven by this insatiable need, ("Endless aching need") and with no guidance toward the discipline required for genuine accomplishment, our young people are defeated before they begin.

It is the young and disenfranchised who are most victimized by the sibling culture, our children and our elders and those marked as "not us" by race and economic circumstance.

In a phrase common to the ancient stories Bly uses to illustrate his themes, it is these people who we all wish to easily "throw out the window," but it is also these disenfranchised who will be waiting for us on the road ahead to claim their due.

A wake-up call, an inspiration, brilliantly original.

The Sibling Society will capture the imagination and enliven our nation's cultural debate as no other book in years.

Listen here to Robert Bly reading The Sibling Society.

Absolute recommended reading to assist understand the present International political and economic oblivion.

We have definitely lost touch and allowed the systematic sacrafice of the essential Spirit of HUMANITY for materialistic possessions. Get Big or Get out was the call from politicans and "business" leaders of the 1970's.

However over time have you ever bothered to wonder about the psychology behind or within  "Fairy Tales" such as, Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep, or The King has no clothes, & how Humpty Dumpty's Men could not care less because Hamelin town like todays political and economic society is infested with Rats.

Does this material in any way contact that rebel in you as it did with good  Old Johnny Cash?


What is love, and why are some people unable to find it?

What is loneliness, and why does it hurt?

What are relationships, and how and why do they work the way they do?

hippocratesAnswering these questions, laying bare the heart's deepest secrets, is this book's aim.

Since the dawn of our species, human beings in every time and place have contended with an unruly emotional core that behaves in unpredicted and confusing ways.

Science has been unable to help them.

The Western world's first physician, Hippocrates , proposed in 450 B.C. that emotions emanate from the brain.

He was right to a degree and for the knowledge available -but for the next twenty-five hundred years, medicine could offer nothing further about the details of emotional life.

Matters of the heart were matters only for the arts-literature, song, poetry, painting, sculpture, dance. Until now.


Grief & LossGrief and loss can put people at risk of becoming depressed.
While the signs and symptoms of grief and loss are similar, it's important to recognise the differences so the affected person can receive the most
appropriate help.


The death of a loved one is a common situation that causes grief which is relatively well understood and recognised.
However, when there are big changes in a person's life, it can also leave us with the same feeling as if something/some one has been taken away.

Losses can be large or small and the effect of multiple losses accumulates.

Common experiences of loss:

• Relationship changes - separation, divorce, and of course death of a loved one

• Job changes - unemployment, retrenchment, retirement or demotion

• Change of role - e.g. children leaving home - or becoming a carer and having one's freedom restricted.

• Loss of health through illness, disability and/or ageing

• Miscarriage, infertility - disappointment at not being able to have a child

• Separation from family and friends - e.g. moving interstate or overseas.


Ron Kurtz Bio
Modest Master Psychotherapist

Ron Kurtz

The late Ron Kurtz was the principal creator and a founder of the Hakomi Institute.

Be sure to read Ron's evolving vision for his advanced method of Hakomi. 

"Hakomi is the absolute cutting edge of modern therapeutic technique."

- John Bradshaw, author of Bradshaw on The Family
"Hakomi presents some astounding methods for getting to core material.
It is well grounded in theory and revolutionary in its results."
- Association of Humanistic Psychology Newsletter

Carol  Ron

The Late Ron Kurtz & Carol Stuart.

baby foodIntroduction: 

We are all born frail, tender minded babies when we leave our Mothers womb to arrive on  earth with fully functional 

Hearts, Lungs, Kidneys, Bladder and the rest of the complex digestive system that processes food & fills nappies.
From birth onwards we have a virtual Air Drop of endless information transferred to & absorbed by our little developing brain that needs plenty of food and lots of sleep.

So we are all born frail minded (Tabula Rasa) and our brain simply adopts what it is exposed to from the environment in which we are raised.

We develop language accents, as well as accents of behaviour from the language & environment of our Mother land.

Well that is not all that the Brain learns. So we all could do by learning that most of our brains have been exposed to and learned, experienced and developed survival behaviours which we can name "Asperger developments".

"High Functioning Aspergers Syndrome people are not defective they just think differently"   
Dr Tony Attwood.


Inner Children

Pining for love,

Reaching out to each other,

Seeking acceptance 

As these depicted High Functioning

Asperger effected 


Turn their backs, argue or entirely

Cut off contact with their own partners

Or supporting friends.

Fundamentally we know no other way 

To avoid & respond to those

 Disturbing Sensations 

Yet unidentified emotional "Feelings" 

Since being organically & naturally activated  

Possibly a consequence of some infant trauma.

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
Only you can change your mind"
Bob Marley

Many adults seek to change and stop this agony:

Tending to consider themselves as endlessly "Imprisoned"

Eternally on guard,
Under pressure to conform and perform.

There remains an inner calling an unidentified traumatic aching need.

 A need seeking some form of imagined freedom.

Endless aching needs founded in childhood.

Instead of recognising, allowing & dealing with this emptiness

We escape to forms of "Wild river" behaviour

To some imagimed Perception.....some,

'Desired dreamy escape to freedom'.

Regardless how dangerous, reckless

And treacherous that

"Wild river" behaviour maybe.

Wild River

Hear below Dr Tony Attwood offering

An avenue of recovery

Recovery for your safe return to Self.

Freedom from that endless painful sense

Of repetitive criticism, 


Perceived as never being enough.

Miraculous personal freedom is granted

When we arrive at the

Understanding that this is how

"Our psychological rivers of childhood"

Cut their path through

The neural wilderness of our innocent

Infant brains.

This transformation to an awareness of Self

Miraculously transend Consciousness

We perceive ourselves anew.

Exposing our former "neural river passage"

As having been "My life course".

Indelibly pasted into my innocent child mind as a rule.

From this elevated vantage of Awakened consciousness . 

I Now see

That river is not me. 

Nor ever was I

That river.

This is a natural process of  human 



Please take your time processing such 

Moments of psychological transendance.
Across these awakening visions of Consciousness.

It can be & IS A challenging,



Exposure of the


Sad Lady
Rejected, dispenced with partners are expected to go away and get over, yes, 
Get over the 10, 15, 20, even 50 years of dedicated love and sacrafice

Invested into this relationship.

Mean time the departing ASPIE may choose
Not to transform.


To go  off..... leave 

Carrying their HABITS.

Off into his new world of make believe. 

Relaxed in his freedom to have a good time,



NEVER to fly  

Holding forever a knowing sense of insufficiency

Never Feeling GOOD ENOUGH.

Eckhart Transformation

Listen Here to Richard Fidler's 
ABC Pod cast

With Dr. Tony Attwood

Since writing this article many more rooms in my Fathers House have become open to the environmental developmental consequences of children exposed to scattered unstable environmental energies which are all natural products of the species evolutionaly survival wisdom.
See Universally available healing methods in Gabor Mates MD book

Scattered Minds. 


Material offered here must not be considered as diagnostic evidence but is of information only. Please refer any and all concerns to your Medical practitioner or Psychiatrist for professional diagnosis.

NB. It has become apparent that many practitioners & lots of graduate professionals have not readily recognised their own degree of socially adopoted indoctrination, sufficiently to identifying & diagnose 
High Functioning Aspergers Syndrome. 


As we progressively AWAKEN to the delusion of CONSCIOUSNESS we offer here further support for the awakening of our fellows and families who are involved in extended unexplained and uninvited experiences across our domestic Home Land.
Abraham Maslow

"A musician must make music;

An artist must paint,

A poet must write

if he is to be

Ultimately at peace with himself."

– Abraham Maslow

Yes we know about Maslow's Heirarchy of Essential needs 


Abraham Maslow was a self enlightened individual whose continuing work on the ever expanding capacity of Human Consciousness was never published, ........
Maybe Abraham realised that Society was not quite yet ready 
So he left some unpublished notes for us to pick up on when we were "old enough".

To have a deeper look into our personal cosmos


This most significant change was adding an apex to the pyramid: self-transcendence.

You can compare it to a spiritual need to transcend our thoughts.

We have to see ourselves as part of the broader universe to develop common priorities and goals.

Once this need is fulfilled,

We can see beyond our individual well-being

To the needs of us all.

Primary Need gratification for our innocently indoctrinated humanity has seen man
Gravitated through the threshing machinery of survival, 

Across the straw walkers,

And the riddles to separate grain from the chaff, straw and standing stubble.

However as we have discovered Man is not a case hardened Machine for EGO's possession. 

We are the LIFE within our Body.

Fortunately Life is its own transending Infinite Consciousness which Maslow and many other

"Enlightened & Transended'

Conscious People, as shown, have progressed to understand.

Life and its conscious fertility remain 

With the Grain

For progressive generations.


 Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 7.39.53 am


is the terminology used to describe the elevated, aggressive form of defensive behavour, a response delivered by automatic reaction from within the EGO's package of learning, to any perceived to be, imagined or actual experiences of threat or perceived challenges to life's individual "SENSITIVITY" to survival.

Alert to anger maybe triggered in response to any sense, or psychological sensitive perception of threat from any exposure to our life's hypersensitivity for safety. Any sudden movement, loud noise,  such as a raised voice, harsh expression, simplist criticism, sarcasm, riduicle, bullied behaviour or even extended stillness, with quiet silence, or change to ordered personal expectation.
Former Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott demonstrated his anger in shaking silence when he became instantly alarmed due to his apparent  Asperges Syndrome moment when a journalist addressed him about his careless use of language in his comment that "Occasionally Shit Happens" following a soldier death in Afghanistan. 

A specific spectrum of autism identified by Austrian Paediatrician Dr Asperger.

Foremost Australian and International Aspergers Syndrome specialist, Clinical Psychologist Dr Tony Attwood declares:

"People with Asperger Syndrome are not defective they simply think differently'.

We may guess individually fired neural pathways, within the mind, are created during very early experience of life as a consequence to shock, threats, danger, any life threatening trauma may have establish psychological safety EXITS, virtual "Fire Stars" to instant safety. 

Under every day and often very challenging work place demands and expectations the Asperger performs brilliantly.

Aspergers are of nature, determined, high performance professionals, of physical and mental intellect.  
Yet any apparent or perceived change of plan to anticipated order, or set procedures may, but not always, instantaneously trigger the Asperger state adopting a heightened DEFENSIVE demeanour for survival. This is an entirely involuntary, primate developed response from the reality of adverse childhood experience/s. 

They mostly insist they are right and as shown one cannot out escalate an Asperger syndrome individual.

This psychological maze of neural avenues remain permanently open, waiting, available, pathways, into which the Asperger conscious attention is instantly switched, ....without deliberate intention.

This naturally developed, default,  'secondary defender' provides momentary shelter for his or her safety.

Inherited and granted at conception.
A particular aspect of this behaviour, maybe due to some emotional response to the sensitive issue of being shamed, criticised, embarrassed, victimised, challenged, humiliated or being weakened by threatened defeat, separation and the scary self imagined possibility and reality of inevitable parental abandonment.

All the experiences of childhood neglect and abandonment through which we have managed to survive by seemingly becoming further desensitised through suppressive denial due to the natural innate brilliance of the Spirit of life, which we inherited and were granted at conception.

ASPERGESOur human physiology automatically responds to any "prodding or button pushing" around these old wounds and retained physiological memories of discomfort.

We just do not want to go there or be taken to that painful place, so we avoid it by walling up with self protecting defence which manifests within to be readily seen and heard all over our body and occasionally all over the neighborhood or the immediate vicinity.

is often the unfortunate out come to this inability of never being trained to recognise or understand our own emotional vulnerability which readily extends into Domestic Violence, physical brutality, suicide and ultimate death.



As Babies virtually every child  has been "toilet trained" we learn to identify, & recognise the feelings of our bowel & bladder.
We are trained in ways to attend to those needs.

However too few, if any, are ever trained to recognise, identify understand and respond appropriately to such traumatically established behavioural anomalies consequence to development of Asperger syndrome.

In fact as children such manifested behaviour often incites further rage by the parents and minders,
So the child is exposed to yet further reinforcing brutality and traumatising abuse.

We simplistically and unconsciously absorb our methods of coping with such discomfort of emotions by inheriting  and developing personal "accents of behaviour" from the environment in which we are raised.

Yes we become absolutely desensitised from emotional sensations. 

Moods are born here around this numb dis-ease of suppression.

We develope an intense ability to avoid or display discomfort, in so doing become the committed People Pleaser.

Like Father, like son,
Like Mother like daughter.

Unintentionally we carry on transferring these behaviours across generations. 

So it is said  "The sins of the Father are passed down for many generations".

apple doesnt fall far from the tree 15
Hence "Apple does not fall far from the tree".

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