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The Brain That Changes Itself.

As Professional Counsellors it is in our & the interest of our clients for us to delve into, explore, understand & attempt to navigate the innate wisdom and workings of the mind of mankind. As we do so we continue to discover the plumbing of wisdom is somewhat synonymous with the endless depth of our universe itself.
That is,... as, if or when we consider we have made some enlightening discovery we then find we have simply passed through a former "black hole of consciousness" to expose yet another, more expansive dimension of enlightenment. 
Counselling provides a mind expanding opportunity to appreciate who we really are.
As against who we thought we were or in too many instances who we were told we were.
 “Since the earliest period of our life was preverbal, everything depended on emotional interaction. Without someone to reflect our emotions, we had no way of knowing who we were.”
― John Bradshaw, Healing the Shame that Binds You

“Hell, in my opinion, is never finding your true self and never living your own life or knowing who you are.”
― John Bradshaw, Healing the Shame that Binds You

There is no better adviser on this extremely critical psychological issue than the self recovered John Bradshaw.
A man who rebuilt his life after being virtually abandoned to the wilderness by alcoholic parents who themselves had come from identically hopless environments,
so they knew no better.
baby korro
They knew no better, but thanks to John Bradshaw's determination to rid himself of the burden of this socially inflicted disabiling wound of toxic shame we have here the opportunity to "COME OUT FROM HIDING" and allow the healing to happen.

After developing our own bodies in utero, complete with all 7 vital systems, organs, & glands functioning perfectly we are all born pure, innocent, brilliant, wholesome little children.

Here is the link to a series of 6 short videos in which author John Bradshaw speaks of "Healing The Shame that Binds you".

Mother DucklingFOR MORE than 10,000 years, natural therapies have been used, while conventional medicine is but 100 years old. Natural therapis deserve the recognition universities have given them as they have healing modalities and benefits proven by credible and peer-reviewed research. The World Health Organisation estimates that more than 80 per cent of the world's population relies on natural therapies to treat, prevent and cure diseases, yet in Australia we have closed-minded colleagues determined to damage and bring into disrepute the entire natural health profession.

james_lovelock_bookFollowing on from our natural therapies understanding where we know our body has the ability to grow repair and heal itself from the moment of conception.

We need to to discover how to sustain health of body soul & mind, that magic world so brilliantly portrayed in the movie Avatar.


panic_disorderPeople with panic disorder suffer severe attacks of anxiety which can make them feel as though they are having a heart attack or are going crazy. Symptoms include heart palpitations, chest pain or discomfort, sweating, trembling, dizziness, difficulty breathing and feelings of losing control.

Panic disorder involves at least one of these attacks followed by a month or more of persistent concern about either
a) having another attack,
b) worry that the attack means he or she is going crazy or has severe health problems, or
c) a significant change in behaviour as a result of the attack (e.g. avoiding places where an attack might occur).

The American Psychiatric Association (2000) defines a panic attack as fear or discomfort that arises abruptly and peaks in 10 minutes or less, and can occasionally last for hours. They are usually unpredictable, and this can lead a sufferer to avoid certain places or situations where a panic attack may occur and from where escape would be difficult or embarrassing.


Us from the start:

Contained within the chromosomes of the female and the male species are all the essential ingredients, genetic intelligence and blue printed mapping which, when combined into one at the moment of fertilization produces a new being of the parent species.

We believe that in that instant of fertilization the component and energetic spark of life itself is transferred into the new being.

It is this spark of life which germinates and ignites the genetic intelligence which then begins to pulse and can be readily observed and recorded microscopically and later seen pulsing through ultra sounding technology.


That life is a force, once commenced does all it possibly can do to remain alive and initially nourishes itself on the yolk of the maternal egg soon imbedding itself into the already engorged wall of the uterus where the cyst oblast sack soon attaches itself parasitically whilst the activated genetic material gets on with natures plan to develop the entire new being.



Working with the debilitating mental, emotional and physical after math of Depression is becoming a daily occurrence in our Bondi Junction Counselling practice.

Here below are some articles which we on post from Beyondblue the nationally recognised organisation dealing with Depression.

One of the major deterrents to attending Counselling for the Australian community is the erroneous self held belief that we should be able to look after our self.
Unfortunately our social conditioning and childhood exposure to many and varied forms of dysfunctional social attitudes and behaviour leaves us with the belief which our psyche reverts to when ever some emotional trigger of discomfort activates a contracting fear driven response, an inward breath holding response from old learned unconsciously stimulated behaviour.

andrew_johnsAndrew Johns the amazing football player in a down moment.

His career was plagued by high personal expectations which most probably placed too great a demand on his total being and the slumps, wounds and disappointments were at times too distressing for him to manage, so he "partied" through them to arrive at an even great abyss to be met.


thronbosisThe dangers of being desk bound

Research just out suggests that those of us who spend long hours working at a desk are more likely to develop deep vain thrombosis (DVT).

It was previously thought that DVT mainly struck passengers on long haul plane flights - not anymore. We look at the ways you can avoid this new office danger.

Sitting at a desk for hours working at a computer may earn you brownie points with your boss, but doctors are now warning that it could also damage your health. While most of us are aware of the risks of sore eyes or a stiff neck, it now appears that lack of movement could make millions of workers vulnerable to a new health risk - 'e-thrombosis'.

E-thrombosis is a type of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and is the same condition known to affect airline passengers which has killed several apparently healthy passengers. Thrombosis, or blood clots, form when people are sitting for long periods in one place, especially where the legs may be cramped or circulation restricted.

DVT has previously been linked with long haul air travel and with the elderly, but research just out of New Zealand suggests that office workers are also at risk.
A study at the Medical Research Institute in Wellington, New Zealand, examined the cases of 62 people with DVT and discovered that 34 per cent had spent long periods sitting at their desks at work.



Relaxation techniques are valuable stress reducers. At a physical level they lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and breathing, and bring brain waves into Alpha mode, which is the ideal level of activity for creative problem solving, extracting things from your memory, and programming the subconscious with positive concepts (especially useful when goal setting).

Create a buffer zone between you and your trigger point. The more regularly you do any of these stress busters, the quicker the results.

Aim to create a routine, almost a ritual, to go with your main relaxation process.

Just beginning the familiar elements will trigger a drop in stress levels. You may use candles, a prayer, a familiar place, a particular posture or breathing routine.

Develop something you can use as a quick trigger wherever you are.

Begin your day with positive thoughts. (See affirmations below). If you are challenged for time, say (or better still sing) them in the shower, with as much emotion as you can.

Whenever you review what is coming up, phrase your thoughts positively, and expect the best possible outcome, even if you don't currently know what that is.

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