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St Michael  DianaSeed is born with germ of life 
Stamen Ovum all the same
Mother nature rules this game
Girl child born, maiden soon
Grows with nature menses to moon
Virgin, Lover Mother, Crone.
Life of Mother, nature known.

Boy born of Father's stone
Becomes rock, all alone
Within this rock Eros laid
Egg of Spirit his Inner bride.

This egg is man's seed of life

Light of moon's love may germinate his seed

Revealing carnal lust,
Fear, anger control, greed.

Once AWAKE he is reborn
His new LIFE begins,
As Michael slays 
So EROS wins.

Eros the Rose 

The Goddes of love

Boys and Men Listen here to 
The Art of Love

If you want to become a brand new man.

Too many men unwittingly remain locked behind unconscious denial & ignorance of their true self.
Living their life entirely devoid of any real or genuine capacity to LOVE
Love Chemistry

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