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What has this to do with Feral?

Energetic transference or "magnetic attraction" and repulsion in human relationships are readily displayed scientifically and experimentally by ferrous material and magnetism.

When one has a pair of magnets the thrust and repulse is readily sensed by hand and visually observable.

In relationship therapy we study the experience of these "Turn on" "Turned off" energetic sensations.

In a similar yet greatly removed energetic manner society is psychologically conditioned to act or move by advertising with repetitive printed and electronic medial exposing a particular product or service to be available for purchase which ultimately tempts or familiarises the mind to induce a purchase.

Advertising has been known to be effective.

So when a society is conditioned to a particular belief the people of that society become energetically influenced and tend to conform or risk being chastised, humiliated, imprisoned or at worst terminated.

This conditioning also happens in relationships with couples where we gradually become 'dull' to each other and need regular polishing to maintain our individual shine and excitement to attract our partners attention and also the attention of those around our life who may also tend to stressfully buff our shine from time to time.

"One can not give love to another if the giver does not love them self". 
 One can not give what One does not possess.

We don't want this to happen in your Relationships

We know that relationships do not just happen they require love, understanding, cooperation and tolerance above all things and they also require constant work and attention to be sure, to be maintained, enhanced and nourished.

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