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A very dear friend wrote asking my advice about a relation who had returned from military service in Iraq and who was now spending endless hours playing computer games and withdrawing from the family.

So I replied thus:

Now without doubt I would say that your man in question is using his mental concentration to avoid contact with the very frightening unsafe, dangerous reality of events experienced in combat and during training.

Commonly spoke of as trauma, then reverting to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The transcript of a wonderful program is here on ABC Australian Story on 29.03.08.

Unfortunately the pod cast for that program is not up yet so you will simply need to get the story from the transcript, of course so much is missing without the visuals of the foot LESS children in the orphanage and the image of this chain smoking, chain wearing Grand Father HD biker with 35 silver earrings in his left ear, a ring on every finger and a beer barrel gut like mine, its not mine ‘cause mine's still with me unfortunately.

This man and now his mate came back from Vietnam after their first jaunts as 19 year old soldiers (boys) who went away as trained killers and became boozing, drugging womanizing, lost men for the next 30 years after risking their lives daily in an un-winnable war.

They eventually returned home to witness ANTI war marches.

What a hideous way to come home from such real, genuine life threatening danger , what a gut turning experience this was for those young brave men.

They were effectively being told they were unwelcome back in their home land because they had been CONSCRIPTED to Vietnam, Cambodia etc. by the big power ‘boys' of those days.

It wasn't until 10 or more years later that we actually had a "WELCOME Home "march for these brave shattered young men. Who were meant to line up for factory work as soon as they returned to civic street.

Too much damage had occurred; the trauma was imbedded in their psyche, adding insult to that injury the lying powers that be denied the existence of PTSD, knowing full well the existence of this evil national psychic wound.

This denial is not dissimilar to the psychic national guilt we all have been laboring over as it lay psychically beneath our denied shame with the treatment or lack of care for the Aboriginal society of this nation. We simply pretended "it" or they would all go away in time and fix it or them self.

It must be faced.

It must be addressed.

We must apologise to these wonderful men and women of the defense forces who have been exposed to this torturous psychic pollution the "collateral damage" of war.

The world must compensate all peace keepers with commensurate value to the peace they bring and hold for the world.

Ignorance and denial is no justification for leaving these innocent soldiers of peace traumatised.

Support for our soldiers sailors and airmen and women;

I suppose the Armed forces carry some little print disclaimer to such entitlements. But even then there has been compensation paid to navy marines and air service people who have been exposed to "radiation".

However the Hardies V Burney Banton case now sets a precedent for all of the above at Federal law and peace keepers should be the first rewarded.

Yes I have had extensive experience with all of this work and it is from this place that my life has been changed dramatically.

I spent years at Canley Vale, Cabramatta, Fairfield, Bankstown, Liverpool, working with survivors and severely traumatised victims of the Vietnam war, especially those exposed to Pol Pot's vile drive across Cambodia.

His regime achieved special notoriety for singling out all intellectuals and other "bourgeois enemies" to be killed.

I became so involved in dealing with the atrocities of those victimized to the point of personal exhaustion and burn out.

The work has never been addressed let alone finished and for this reason that area of Sydney is the drug, prostitution and gambling centre of NSW.

An area where life has very little value, death is close by for too many and law is pretty well unto themselves on the streets.

These cells of ferment are progressively moving into the city and readily observed in the Hay market George street area, China town and now into Kings Cross where violence is in pistol whipping and drug dealing in the street and drive by shootings according to media reports.

Upper business practices levels of the same psychopathic guerillas infest business and the recent case of the Wollongong Council or the Australian Wheat Boards trade with Saddam Hussein and state political donations for favors are evidence of this corruption to the highest levels.

The body of individuals is influenced by the body of National leadership.

limbic_brain_1_2The central nervous system receives and processes stimulation in the inner sanctum of the hypothalamus, the pineal gland and the intricate sensor neuron transmitters in this hallowed chamber where all sensory perception is registered.

Now looking at the body as a computer system we may say that all the body flesh legs, arms etc are the memory, and the brain is the Central Processing Unit or CPU.

So when a soldier has his or her body impacted extensively by a full on military experience the memory becomes overloaded and effectively needs to be defragmented by extensive gentle loving nurturing compassionate understanding non judgmental patient love and professional trauma therapy as there are endless pockets of trauma buried beyond conscious awareness.

As if one has an external hard drive disconnected from the USB port, even when it is connected, it may need to have the power switch turned on, and both ends of the USB connected, even then some files within the external drive may have restricted access, and so on and so on.

The trauma may have its foundation in a domestically violent child hood experience, single parent life, abuse, of any kind, any where across the individuals life.

The founding trauma is then exacerbated by repetitive experience and a war zone can do this.

Because of very early child hood trauma some folk actually live their life as if they are in a war zone, forever unsafe, on guard, aggressive and defensive.

So because we want to remain disassociated from the psychic aggravation of unconscious toxic trauma we invite and allow the interception of all trauma signals from body memory at the inner sanctum by involving ourselves in games and habits of distraction. Our system automatically allows the distraction priority one status, a new default setting is created by trauma.

Our being seeks relief from the constant aggravation, a sense of incompletion is apparent, a sense of "have to do something" rises, but not knowing just what. Traumatised individuals are unable to be still, to actually experience peace and quiet, they may become nervous and shaky if they are left unable to disassociate.

The word bored is generally used to describe this sensation.

Here in the inner sanctum we introduce the Central Nervous System (CNS) The junction and head quaters of all sensory stimulation, nose,(smell ,taste) ears,(sound) eyes (sight), temperature and touch.

Stimulating signals the brain receives direct from the computer or poker machine screen travel "hard wired" from the retina to the Pineal of the head CNS or for the computer the CPU to immediately intercept and over ride all other communication from the body sensory system.

We simply zone out.

Loose our self in the lust and thrust of the potential winning moment.

The imagined romance with a poker machines is very similar. The player begins by making a choice and selects their preferred partner with bells, whistles, flashing lights mirrors and hopefully jackpots too.

All this romance with gambling works in exactly the same way with the possibility of a win to a very big win, which then only provides more credits to extend the sensory avoidance "playing" time. where we wake up dreaming about the night before.


Enough is never enough so we return for more, time and time again. Not aware of the driving trauma lying beneath the unconscious aggravation, simply misread as disease, boredom wanting some action.

Our habitually developed psyche simply just want us to go and buy or ingest or find some avoidance activity to satisfy this compulsive addiction of the underlying bodilydistress of retained, corrosive aggravating traumatically retained and accumulated toxicity.

Dissent and anger associated with the retained toxic trauma :

If the traumatised individual is cut short, interrupted , deniedor held away from their immediate or preferred method of distraction they generally become dishonest, even lie, or become extremely irritable to angry, ugly and even violent especially to the ones closest to them as their recognition of the rising sense of fear sets them to become terrified to be left alone to deal with this retained bank of emotional terror.

Those misunderstood loved ones who come to offer help are expected to understand and "leave them alone".

Unfortunately the reality of psychologically perceived urgency to avoid the toxic trauma can fly to instantaneous disassociated rage and may lead to attack those closest loved ones as a personal survival defence.

Such is the level of terror associated with the retained toxic trauma. At the worst it is a matter of life and death.

Pornography as a detractor:

There is a similarity here to pornography where the chance of "winning a view of the forbidden fruit" provides the mental stimuli triggering primal sexual arousal and with that may lead on with further excitement to become a peak experience (in orgasm).

The inner sanctum of the CNS is forever relating the "stimulation" and excitement of a win with primal sexual arousal building to excitement and conquest or win.

Completely organic, this natural biologic survival instinct is the the basic human impulse driving coitus and procreation before death to ensure germination of future seeds.

Human Life produces life. Wheat produces wheat.

This primal relationship is the highest physical and mental experience available for lower dimension of consciousness.


In short they "get high" on drugs, alcohol, gambling , sex, pornography, sport, or what ever their particular "distractor" habit or exercise may be to avoid the possibility of death from the psychological confused signals transmitted from toxic trauma.

Unfortunately this is the dimension where most individuals live in this materialistically deluded society which has progressively become devoid of spiritual and organic awareness of self as we departed from the land to urban city compressed living.

The sad reality is that the major percentage of our modern society never manages to rise above this carnal connection and for this reason the commercial word bombards the international psyche with advertisements based on sexual weakness and great cost to the individual spirit in mankind.

To extend this reality I jokingly offer that it only takes a thought to erect a penis and so it has been suggested that the average man and women do not have sufficient blood to run two heads simultaneously.

It is here at this place of trauma and the meeting of the CNS where I believe there is an immediate primal co-relationship with all of the obsessive compulsive behaviour habits.

Getting "It Off"

Society has affairs of compulsive obsession to many and varying degrees of fads, fashions and habits.

Some people "get off" at golf, others at cleaning house, retail shopping, social dinner parties or coffee shop chats, the gym, or sailing or cycling or working etc... Whilst those with more retained trauma use more powerful drugs and avoidance techniques.

Without naming names.

People maybe severely traumatised and still be successful in business. Generally this kind start very early, have long often alcoholic lunches, many wives and mistresses, fleets of cars, untold real estate and all the toys a boy or girl needs to avoid their toxic pain which they then unwittingly pass on for future generations to their rich but dysfunctional children.

For The rest of us in the suburbs

Being a parent with a young family to feed normally does not allow time to be too obsessive about anything other than being an obsessive Mother or Father or Grand parent so we plug away at our work and look forward to the weekend or holiday break to have a spell and be with the children.

So I trust these notes may be of some assistance to identify the need for some very sensitive gentle understanding therapy.

I have now arrived at a place so different to the rest of my former world that I look with new amazement at the sad neglected world of illusion which once held me prisoner, I still live in exactly the same world but receive a totally new vision and hence attitude to the real and the unreal and surreal depravity of the beast within man forever de-man-ding more power as we witness with all war.

Here is an example of the eye dear (idea) that

If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.

Have a look at this little picture and see if you are able to see two completely different aminals.



Love and Blessings as always



For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
-Nelson Mandela

"If an idea does not look stupid...then it carries no hope"
-Albert Einstein


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