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Leunig Crack

Monocot vs dicot crop PengoFollowing on along the organic them about pruning the Tree of Life to reduce old growth and encourage new fruit from Xylem & Phloem and the Poly Vagal Nerve we look further into US via the Veins within the leaves of Man Kind.
cotyledon  "seed leaf"  from Greek: is a significant part of the embryo within the seed of a plant, and is defined as "the embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants, one or more of which are the first to appear from a germinating seed."
The number of cotyledons present is one characteristic used by botanists to classify the flowering plants (angiosperms).

Species with one cotyledon are called monocotyledonous("monocots").

Plants with two embryonic leaves are termed dicotyledonous ("dicots").
In the case of dicot seedlings whose cotyledons are photosynthetic, the cotyledons are functionally similar to leaves.

However, true leaves and cotyledons are developmentally distinct.
Cotyledons are formed during embryogenesis, along with the root and shoot meristems, and are therefore present in the seed prior to germination.

Gymnosperm seedlings also have cotyledons. 
The cotyledons may be ephemeral, lasting only days after emergence, or persistent, enduring at least a year on the plant.

The cotyledons contain (or in the case of gymnosperms and monocotyledons, have access to) the stored food reserves of the seed.
As these reserves are used up, the cotyledons may turn green and begin photosynthesis, or may wither as the first true leaves take over food production for the seedling.

Arriving now to the zygote of mankind we imagine these naked cells of Gymnosperms to be some
what comparable to sperm and ovum which when appropriately united may germinate and continue
to evolve and mutate throught the natural cellular developmental process of MITOSIS to grow the
Embryo as it developes with the fully functional, alive Living & Proactive Nervous system
Parasympathetic and Symparathetic nervous system.

Here we reintroduce the Cellular NETWORK of the 2 veins of the Polyvagal (COTYLEDONS). 
Each of these pathways are unique for infancy communication function as tender cerebal
development, growth and highly sensitive, responsive expansion now takes place in the infants new
found human populated, earthly environment where Life itself continues to be entirely dependent
upon all sources of emotional, physical, energetic and psychological nourishemnt.

Breastfeeding infant

In these very early stages of development all forms of experiences are somatically adopted and
cellularly absorbed into body memory to ensure indelible safety connection for survival.
We have repeatedly heard : "Given a child till the age of Seven (7) the man shall be cut."

Giving thanks to the  FAITH HOPE & CHARITY of DIFFERENT creative open minded thinkers,
Technology is attempting to release mankind from much of the workings and
repetitive indoctrinated  slavery of the human mind.
Many such functions have been taken over by packages we call APPS.

 (Our Residential Implicit APP)

From where any and all sensations are recorded by the Infant's ever vigilant Willing Servant. 
Modern society is overloaded with stimuli hence hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system 
automatically creates cognitive traffic snarles of ANXIETY.

Fortunately these delving progressive thinkers are searching the world's minds attempting
To find ways to unlock the prisons of later evolved developed conscious memories
Which have become repeatedly imbedded into habitual racial groupings &
"Concentration camps" of "the would be" intelligence.

Those who have adopted fundamental FEAR DRIVEN ideals with no thanks to the
Generationally duplicated & transferred insanity of cultural,
Racial, Religious & Political
Indoctrinating ideology in their vain, hope less, insane search for peace of mind.
Faith and Hope may release man from such bondage,
Whilst Charity allows them to do as they be,

As for now they know no difference,
So we have let them be
As it is not their fault.

Unseen shadows of the Still Quiet mind. 
Fortunately we are fast approaching the rebalancing moment of CRITICAL MASS.
This maybe due to Materialistic & Socially
Intoxicated Deluded Concentration. 

To that point where such concentrated exposure of disease is generating illness
So DEATH becomes inevetiable
Along with The Covid pandemic. 
(And the need for Toilet Paper).
Such threatening collapse 
Of the physical body & the greater health system 
Releasing multiple layers of
Concentrated cellular toxicity which has been Somatically
Imbedded forever by the Born Wisdom of IMPLICIT Memory.

The Unseen, Unknown, Unconscious. 
Quiet mind. 


Bridging Our Shaddow

One's individual discovery & passage over & into
Is a truly profound realisation, as such it is best experienced in an exceptionally safe,
Trusting, loving, caring, nurturing, isolated, accepting environment

Away from and beyond the reaches of the later adopted distractions of the 
Which Egotistically insists on stepping in with its army of self developed
Protective and Defendesive behaviours 
To consciously win over the body retention behaviour.


Behaviour of avoiding the primary infantile inflicted wound which has
Operated and directed our entire life from behind the shadows.

For most people opening of this bridge of consciousness
One needs to be held in loving
Understanding company through out for this Bridge connecting process
Into unchartered Somatic waters of the body 

One needs to have confidence & safe reasurance
To give & trust self permission
Becoming able to accept support. 

To gain self acceptance and permission
By enetring into a mindful state of conscious
To open passage of our nervous communication network.
Doing so has been challeging for many untill now.

This is all new to us.
So expect different sensations of Mind & Body.
Once open expect energetic nervous traffic,
Along with their sensations, images & memories  
To pass both ways up down, across & over,
In many vehichles, memories, models, shapes and forms,  
As images events and experiences of life will all begin to
APP...Ear and Sound......
Confusing, disturbed and New.

Mother Looked Away

Stay with it now.
Wait..... with the feeling
Trust yourself.
You will be ok.

Take your time.
Be quiet, allow the reflections to flow.
This Old Stuff is all new to you,..... trust it.

You know you have been there.
Vague numb, awarenes of some discomfort,
Unconscious, still, emptiness.
Wisdom of life has been working from your "get go".
Have Faith and Hope.
Let it be.

Such pain and heart ache did actually happen, long ago
You froze the experience Unconsciously at that time.

OK back from that "big freeze".
Cry Now! 
Yes CRY LIKE & for that BABY.
You were deeply emotionally wounded.
You see?
Repeatedly scored
Time after time.
Throughout your life.
Since that first experience of many sensations 
Repeated threatening harsh moments
Of sound, Expressions, Images, Gestures, Experiences 
Of possible separation or abandonment
From within driven, terrifying, unwelcome sensations.
When Mother
"First looked away".


Foundation of ALL need for



Wisdom of Trauma
Why we become ill.



Ron Kurtz RIP.
 Hakomi Psychotherapy

Working with
 Implicit Mind.

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