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Written by Rod McClure JP   
Wednesday, 24 March 2021 14:22
                                Speaking here in a stunning interview in ABC One on One.

Without doubt Michael Leunig's virtual 50 year career as a self taught artistic creator of chilling cartoon commentory on Australian society & its irreverence for social equality has definitely seen his work move to higher degrees of appreciation by the disenfranchised sectors of all life.
Many find his exposee of critical issues confronting, simply because Michael has that unique  talent to contact deeper residual denied grief and sadness matters held within the soul.

Leunig Trophy Whipper
Now the longer society degenerates into its materialistic oblivion with absolute and total disreguarded respect for all life forms across our planet Michael's work will definitely become more evident as reflections across and over a highly dysfunctional, deluded society revealling the toxic energetic oblivion surrounding this and all future generations until addressed appropriately and entirely extinguished from the very DNA of the entire society.

Brutality of killing:
in that One on One interview Michael as with the interview below, refers to the insane brutality of killing & how such brutality equally sensitises orthers.
This wisdom followed his early life experience when working as a labourer killing cattle in an abbattoir or from watching his Father sharpen his knives at the sink whilst exclaiming that the knives were "sharp enough to shave a sleeping mouse'.

Simply expressions here from a kind hearted man who sees life without War, Death and Killing.


Forgotten Consciousness of respectful kindness and decency.

As a Nation we might only hope for change of attitude to appreciate Michael Leunig as being the 
Forgotten Consciousness of decency & respect for all of life creatures, women, Ducks, Tea Pots & Flowers too.

Here is a some what comparable link to Sadhguru speaking about societies False Reality 

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