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Active Black Hole Egg
Cosmic Eternity

Chemical Ph, Colours, Music, Chakras.
Energy Centers.
All wave lengths of 

Ph7 = Neutral 

Equator of Earth 
Pharmacy of Mankind.

Chakras X 7
As Mankind progressively AWAKENS to higher states and possibility of CONSCIOUSNESS
Earlier delusion of thought become apparent.

With sincere recognition to Abraham Maslow we offer here further support for the awakening of our fellows and families who are involved in extended unexplained and uninvited stressful and divisive experiences across our world And our Personal and Domestic
Home Land.

Abraham Maslow

"A musician must make music; 

An artist must paint, 

A poet must write

If he is to be 
Ultimately at peace with himself." 

– Abraham Maslow

Yes we wrote elsewhere about Maslow's Heirarchy of Essential needs 


Abraham Maslow was a self enlightened individual whose continuing work on the ever expanding capacity of
Human Consciousness was never published, 
Maybe Abraham realised that Society was not quite yet ready,
So he left some unpublished notes for us to pick up on when we were "old enough".

To have a deeper look into our personal cosmos.


This most significant change,
Was adding an apex to the pyramid: self-transcendence. 
You can compare it to a spiritual need to transcend our thoughts. 

We have to see ourselves as part of the broader universe to develop common priorities and goals. 

Once this need is fulfilled,
We can see beyond our individual well-being 
To the needs of us all.

Primary Need gratification for our innocently indoctrinated humanity has seen man gravitated through the threshing machinery of survival, across the straw walkers, and riddles to separate grain from the chaff, straw and standing stubble.

However as we have discovered Man is not a case hardened Machine for EGO's possession.

We are LIFE within our Body. 

Fortunately Life is its own transending Infinite Consciousness which Maslow and many other 
"Enlightened & Transended' 
Conscious People have progressed to understand.

Buddah Boy
Human Grains

Pure Physical Cognitive and Spiritual  
Generational Transendance.  

Society has certainly made its way to the intersection of two contradictory polarised states of mind, Left and Right.

Today's world is directed by a socially divisive mind state now so elevated to be at epidemic mental health chaos.

Internationally negativity and indoctrinated FEAR is seeing America building a WALL supposedly to keep out the starving neighbours.
Europe is in a state of critical Burnout as Yellow vests stalk the streets.

UK struggles with BREXIT BECAUSE, people who have cornered wealth all expect to survive whilst bombed and war torn refugees clamber into boats seeking world shelter.

Australia has seen Industry and Drought with political interference to mismanage the critical element of WATER across a Perishing inland arterial Darling And Murray River System.

If you can see and are caught up in this torture of mind, soul, and body you may find solace in
Mindful Meditation or seek help through Counselling.

Always willing to connect and offer Counselling support

Call 0412 777303 to discuss an appointment

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