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Johnny Cash, sure he was a lad in his day,
A real Highwayman with a pistol by his side.
Johnny & the Highwaymen hung in there seeking recognition for the hurt souls who lived within their bodies.
Willie & others began Farm Aid in 1985.

We love Johnny Cash because he let us feel the rebel in all of us,
Johnny Cash challenged the mob.
He used every known method to avoid feeling that
Endless Aching Need of the wounded child.

As is the case with too many wounded souls Johnny went to prison. 

Later he returned to sing to the prisoners.

We all feel at times that he was singing those songs on our behalf.

Listen see and Hear Johnny Cash sing
About the negative aspect of Prisons.

Old Johnny in Video and singing
The Song Hurt.

e know too well that Hurt People Hurt People.

Johnny did his healing by sharing his story through his music.

Boy Named Sue.

God's Gunna Cut You Down.

Help from our friends.

As with most people we know, well at least those that don't think we are crazy, we two, also happily share our life experiences from the bumps, bruises, experiences, highs, lows and lessons from which we have gleaned and generally had our Ego's humbled and polished by the tears, years and experiences we have endured and from which we now understand we have learned and processed the benefit of emotional sensistive awareness from, as we coursed along this gravel road journey of life's pathway.Rod McClure and Carol Stuart

Music and art has for ever captured the highways and bi-ways of creative, gentle souls who have experienced and shared their delicate inner sensitive beings by vibrating their melodic frequencies of music and form.
Transmitted and radiate across the air waves, museums, galleries, and theatres, to touch, activate, move and nourish our inner chords.

Yes concerts are full of feel good people humming away on the same frequency as we all Tune IN.

The masters of classicical music Handle, Mozart, Beethoven, and scores of other amazing composers have forever been entertaining, nurturing and comforting the inner being of our souls for many since the outset of "modern generations".

In recent years several of the Baby Boomer rock legends, have joined the cosmic choir, in their passing. Becoming Ghost Riders in the Sky.
This is most certainly a "hurry up" reminder for us all, heightening our awareness of having only One life, for us the aging rockers of the post 1945 war "Flower Power" generation.

Yes, we sense a grief with the passing of people who gave us so much pleasure, fortunately their music lives on to comfort our memories.

Never the less, they have passed over.
Of course saddened as we maybe, we do not have to worry greatly about their passing as we shall all be given a chance at such an experience, as daunting as this maybe.
Later rather than sooner we trust, but never the less inevitable.

A pertinent, even caustic reminder to reassure all that this life is not a dress rehersal as we have too often been told.

This One life is the main event and we do need to be aware like any instrument of getting or being OUT OF TUNE  as Jo Cocker so well reminded us.
Or his legendary song "You are so Beautiful to me".

Music is organized.
Virtually all cultures have used the powers of music therapeutically.
For several hundred years, the role of music became one of entertainment.
Only recently has the use of sound and music reappeared as a valuable healing mode in our western culture.
Some of the most powerful music does not have a particularly pleasing melody.
Often times we find a generational preference for a particular sound which had many parents critical about.
In one house for example the Beetles were severely criticised and known as, "Yeah Yeah Yeah" by the parents.
Elvis Presely, was just so misunderstood and criticised by so many in his day, yet his voice is never forgotten neither are his "evergreen songs". 


The goal of music therapy is to reduce stress and pain, promote deep relaxation, develop self-awareness and creativity, improve learning, and clarify personal values.

As with Johnny Cash saying in his last interview he enjoyed making the Hurt video because he believed he was doing something worth while.

Johnny and all artists are trying to tell us a story, to pass on the message of their experiences with non judgemental forgiveness.

Listen to another classical modern master Neil Diamond as he aims to remind Men to apprecioate their feelings.

The Art of Love.

See Also  Music for treating Dementia from Catalyst on our web site.

We understand exactly what  Johnny Cash is On About.

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