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Claire 1982
Here you see our cautious old family dog "Nisha" supervising our little daughter's safety as she wobbled around exploring her Nonna's garden.

You see here, this Supervisor is ever vigilant, constantly present, remaining nearby and looking out, looking behind, listening, observing, watching, mindfully studying, for untoward influences and situations which may endanger our precious child, the constant and primary focus of her attention.

Experienced Supervisors focus their attention in this manner.

Practitioner Supervision
In One to One Supervision the attending Counsellor is monitored in similar non judgemental, gentle, caring, manner by an experienced professionally qualified Supervisor trained to bring awareness with experienced guidance to the possible obstructions of personal judgements, attitudinal and possible cultural  obstructions, unnecessary but well intended intervention, personal conditioning and outcome expectation, offering essential self protecting guidance whilst encouraging and expanding personal self development to meet professional, industry expectation.

Work place Supervision for Staff, Employees and Management.
Maintenance of Human Resources.
Progressive wise managment now recognises and appreciates performance benefit in having regular independent Counselling Supervisors attend the work place to confidentially identify, recognise, address, and attend to the essential release of motional tension from accumulated work place emotional distress and subsequent accumulated denial. 

Professional Counsellor Supervision is a methodically guided process.
  •    Supervision is an industry mandated component of Counselling self care to maintain registration as a practitioner.
  •    To advance the Counsellors self awareness to personal conditioned attitudes, beliefs, judgements and developing skills.
  •    After all as children we all naturally learned to walk and talk as we absorbed, adopted and developed our perceptions of survival from the environment in which we were raised.
  •    Later we get to realise that in many instances the influence of our family environment may have left us with attitudeds and expectations which were transferred to us from the model of our family.
  •    Classic evidence of this is found in the adoption of accents of voice and language adopted from the environment.
  •    Therefore we also adopt "accents of behaviour".
  •    Furthermore the responsibility for good practice, upon all Professional therapist must never be under estimated and must be constantly monitored to protect the public from egotistically empowered "know all" individuals as well as the 'unwell' and materialistically driven operators.

Industry mandated Supervision and ethical standards of practice assures the public of their safety.

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