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Stan in Suit  Tie
Stan Grant, Jr.
Stan Grant, Jr. is an Australian journalist and international correspondent.
Stan is of Aboriginal ancestry born in Griffith NSW and is from the Wiradjuri people.

In this RECONCILIATION speech at the National Press Club in Canberra in Feb 2016
Stan sincerely relays the experiences he & his people have been forced to endure.

Again in delivering the Wallace Wurth Address at UNSW immediately following the Four Corners Report on the NT Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre. 

In the following articles see the work of other indigenous leaders who are now coming forward with the offer of an amazing opportunity for Australia to unburden us all from a really ugly divisive mind set which has been left over since colonisation and the first settlement.

Here is a NITV Link to Stan Grant interviewing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Please lets us all move forward with open minds.


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