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In recent times several clients have expressed their reluctance & hesitancy
to attend Counsellors for fear of possible reprisal from work place Management
or fellow associates.
Unfortunately in today's workplace it has become intimidating
for many people struggling to make their way financially to disclose that they need help.

Often demands, attitude and expectation of some unethical and "hard nosed"
employers do use rather unfair demands or "Cut Throat" & threatening tactics to
achieve performance.
Success today is driven and based purely upon economic, materialistic performance in the ever competitive contracting race for survival.
Ethical practice has essentially gone bye the bye. Manpower has been reduced to a numeric digital factor.
Cold Binary computed language of Off or On. Yes or no.
Restructures, reorganisation, take overs, redundancy, work performance criticism, critical reviews, market competition.
Examples of such were well exposed in 2016 by media of Four Corners & SMH Journalists.
The federal government is supposedly watching this unscrupulous behaviour with a
high level investigation known as Taskforce Cadena.

There is also the Fair Work Commission.

Of course there are many other unscrupulous employers who remain at large.
As was exposed by the ABC with the itinerant seasonal workers from Fiji who were
unfairly treated and definitely misled by deliberate devious tactics left in the finer
details of their contract which were not brought to their attention.

Worse still it has been mentioned that many employers want
"more than their pound of flesh" and harass employees sexually.
So exposed by the "casting couch" stories of Hollywood and other predatorialy behaviour.


Modern work place employment is based on the collective and respectful involvement
and cultivation of all employees to 'cover each others back'.
This induced personal enmeshment of individual characters establishes a unique and
powerful interconnected psychological supportive relationship.

Virtually establishing one integrated supportive consciousness.

This is especially the case for those who have experienced lots of trials and tribulations
where this new sense of connection and support is considered to be exceedingly nourishing.
Within this environment friendships are developed and intimate person sharing of
private personal confidences is common.

Hence on the occasions when a dramatic shock occurs to any individual the impact
is felt through out the work group as an individual's personal traumas are triggered
and shocked back to consciousness.

This is a frequent and common experience because when all is said and done most of us
spend more "awake time" with our work colleagues than we do with our partners and families.

Our work place is rife with injuries and fatalities.

Behaviour is a rather sad but peculiar set of circumstances which we unintentionally adopt as being "would be normal" behaviour.
That is until we actually begin to mature and think for ourself and not be driven by our EGO.
With this maturing mind we begin to develop a mind of our own.
Covered EarsContratry to that from which we have been indoctrinated.

Often the product of a contrarily experienced challenging moment of conflicted non agreement.

An argument with our loved ones.

A classic example to demonstrate the influence of our environment is heard in the "accent of voice".

Yes if the English child is raised in Australia our vocal cords establish the well known Aussie accent.
Conversely the Aussie child raised and 'schooled' in England or any other country will most probably adopt or be influenced by the accent of that countries environment.

ACCENTS OF BEHAVIOUR:  In like fashion we inherit and then adopt "accents of behaviour" from exposure to or from the practices, customs, habits modeled to us in the environment where we are raised. eg National customary cultural food and cooking, clothing, fashion.

HOLDING ON: We tend to believe we should hold onto these beliefs and customs as being the 'right way' (sometimes the ONLY way) to do or say things or treat other people.

We grow up habitually holding onto emotional discomfort since the days our parents made us share our toys with the kid next door or some similar emotionally disturbing sensation.

Later we hold onto the disappointment of not getting a bike for Christmas, or because our Easter egg was smaller than hers.
All rather petty material, never the less it all forms part of the conditioning of HOLDING ON.

Return to the deliberate cultural establishment of the work place.
Shock from the sudden death of a fellow employee or one of their children is sufficient to trigger all this old accumulated, contained, toxic sadness and disappointment.
Staff fall apart, employees have no idea why such an experience has this amazing psychological impact leaving them:

Rod McClure and Carol Stuart
We are trained and qualified Trauma Counsellors who know and understand this situation and assist by allowing the employee to identify and understand that they have been SHOCKED to the realisation and exposure of their own unresolved personal trauma which has so often been left in unintentional denial and ignorance often for their entire life.

Discovering these burdens so often creates the situation where we actually change the impact of the experience from one of disappointment and intense grief to an opportunity to enhance life.

Trained Counsellors are often able to interlink and raise conscious awareness to other
forms of avoidance behaviour engaged in by the client to comfort this toxic bitterness
of their endless aching need.

So we are often able to assist in reminding our clients

"That when we change the way we look at things the things we look at change".

If you have a work place dilemma or aggravation which is beginning to get the
"better of you"  don't hesitate to call us for Counselling as soon as possible.
Do not let the stress and tension build and accumulate until you "throw in the towel" or explode emotionally.

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