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Sunday, 21 February 2016 08:33

Learning that real sense of "Loving Thy self".

Dealing with the "endless aching need", that left over endless aggravation often spoke of as being "bored".

In allowing the feeling to be present, and actually sitting with "IT" we gradually teach our self to accept the sensation as a wonderful part of our psyche, rather than avoiding it, as we have previously done with Porn, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sport, TV, X-box, food or shopping, and even born again "happy clapping".
On Line Dating.
Especially identified with modern day On-line Dating sites or the "Meat Market" as was expressed to me recently by a Supervisee who is finding she is dealing with clients expressing elevated anxiety, through to destroyed self esteem & abuse.

Avoidant behaviour
In this way we are able to progressively let "IT"  PASS without the need for any avoidance distracting intervention. (Compulsive avoidance)

Self aware Emotional Training:
nappy changing chantsIn closing we remind readers that our parents had a vested interest in getting us out of baby nappies so they took time to train us to recognise the sensations of our bowel & bladder so that we could attend to those respective essential needs as they arouse.

Unfortunately in most cases today parents have been too busy, preoccupied, unaware or incapable of training their children to recognise and appropriately deal with emotional sensations.
So too many adolescents are gaining their sex information from dangerous mind eroding vile abusive pornography.

Mother to Daughter, Father to Son; (See Pathways here)

Further more the healthy loving respectful conversation about sex and intercourse does not happen in the modern family.
Adolescents are notorious in not wanting to listen to parents, especially when it involves the sensitivity of "Too Much Information".
So parents find it too difficult to broach the topic and in many cases do not have the ability or confidence to speak about such sensitive previously denied restricted behaviours. 

No need for  'Young Bull Old Bull locking of Horns".

Having these discussions facilitated by an experienced adult Counsellor is one way to assist, another is to participate in the Pathways foundation program.
Pathways is a wonderful organisation with specifically designed interactive programs established to address this essential need as boys become young men, and separate events where daughters become young women.

As noted there is also a Pathways program for Women, to assist Mothers and daughters to manage this critical transition period where too many adolescents become divided & separated from their parental mentors and be too easily led into erratic physical and potentially damaging behaviours in some "stuff you Old Boy or Old Girl" from a  wayward enthusiastic sense of challenging perceived criticism of "never being good enough", that basic rejection or perceived lack of trust by over protective, loving parents.

Here we restate that often quoted reality that virtually all professions of life require a degree of qualifications from specific training, unfortunately this does not apply to producing children.
Too many of us do not have the essential skills necessary to be perfect parents therefore many of us unwittingly pass on the sins of earlier generations believing that we know what is right.
Certainly this mind set is not always the case, fortunately times are changing around us by the minute.
As challenging as these circumstances maybe parents need to do their very best to change with the times, with their children to prevent the inevitable dislocation.

We need more Dad's to take their sons camping and to learn to have the conversation around an open fire or whilst they bait their hooks sitting on river bank fishing for each others love and respect.

When it comes to Healthy discussions about Sex this Therapist Dr Marty Klein offers some good advice on this video.

Being able to share and distribute information such as this is why we believe in and passionately promote our 777 Counselling service.
For help or just an online on question  or further information  Contact us Here.

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