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The Brain That Changes Itself.

As Professional Counsellors it is in our & the interest of our clients for us to delve into, explore, understand & attempt to navigate the innate wisdom and workings of the mind of mankind. As we do so we continue to discover the plumbing of wisdom is somewhat synonymous with the endless depth of our universe itself.
That is,... as, if or when we consider we have made some enlightening discovery we then find we have simply passed through a former "black hole of consciousness" to expose yet another, more expansive dimension of enlightenment. 
Counselling provides a mind expanding opportunity to appreciate who we really are.
As against who we thought we were or in too many instances who we were told we were.

We appreciate & definitely understand that to attend Counselling or even seeking help may initially be daunting and rather scary for practically all people. Once the "ice is broken" Counselling then progressively becomes exciting and personally gratifying as we find our way back from the former dysfunctional conditioning which  our environment has heaped upon us, to a fully enlightened place.
Our consciousness simply expands before us as we journey into it.

As Counsellors we provide an opportunity, a vehicle, to share in this awakening as we effectively follow along side our clients to support & reassure them of their safety on this some times emotionally challenging journey into their own world.

Of course our personal "Big Bang" was the instantaneous moment of conception which we guess may leave sections of science bound to a particular perception to the origin of our species.
Cognitively stuck.

Today, many people have become cognitively disassociated from their (emotional) spiritual reality, endlessly playing the Egg & Chicken game which to their mind is about studying the yolk as separate from the albumin but forever overlooking the complete potential germ of life contained within the shell.
Was God enough?
Well maybe not for some.
Maybe we might imagine uncovering some ancient big Mother Lover spraying his seeds around nebulous fertile  cosmic bodies as they gracefully tumble and swim around their universe.

Maintaining sensitive Integration of the physical body and life through time, has for now lost out to compulsive attitudes & beliefs based solely on the socially divisive perception & aggregation of wealth alone.

Today virtually all politics, all business, all association is focused on money, profit & money driven litigation.
Business with advertising inducement has taken possession of social consciousness.
To such a degree that:
"Oh what a feeling" mentally translates to TOYOTA.
Consequently man has lost touch, money has stolen our own reality.

Money like pornography & other avoidance behaviours divides our psyche,
Ego takes over and as it does so People leave Our Tribe.
They cease to practice a sustainable relationship with our kind & our planet.

Last Tree Indian

Money was originally considered being a means and record of exchange of physical production.
However in the mind set of today's world wide financial system money or credit itself has become the primary product of all transactions.
Yes, money itself has become the principal exchangeable & traceable commodity.

But of itself money is an empty gaseous vacuum of credit numerically and digitally recorded.    

"Money has become the be all and end all".
The ruling power of all.

You either have money to spend or you don’t have it.
This is the story of the BOTTOM LINE.

Today's International politics is entirely corrupted by super wealth who have the most numbers.

Volunteers and philanthropists are sought to contribute to the welfare world.
Really sad that the big Money people are not interested in our children's' future or the future of society.
However karma has its way and like Humpty Dumpty they & their money will ultimately fall.

Bar Code zombies
Dalai Lama love
In this modern age if you haven’t got money you go without or you go find ways to collect some only by providing service or production.
Or you borrow banker generated CREDIT on which they charge you interest.
International debt is now an insatiable monster devouring all before it.
Hence the states endless forms & methods of increasing taxation as they hold communities at ransom for the system.
Of course here for obvious reasons we quietly mention prostitution, an ancient practice for many wounded survivor who are prepared to live this way.
In the Eastern states of Australia prostitution has been legalised.

Questioning business ethics:
Maybe a little to strong however one can extend the practice of prostitution to the degree that now business houses become the Pimps and Slime Balls to whom the public prostitute their labour for monetary reward.
Major chain stores for example and most businesses are nothing more than large brothels trading cheap commodities to maintain their share values so that the company can stay afloat.
As with brothels middle men, pimps, madams & hangers on they produce absolute nothing, even so they bully and brutalize their suppliers in threatening gangster fashion to get the cheapest deal to put on special.

Income from traded goods is immediately loaded to the "Money market" where it may earn interest for 30, 60, 90 days or more before the supplier is paid. Yes, they use other peoples money to do business.
This is how the "Fresh Food People'" and their associated mates driving the prices "Down Down Down" make money and hold their share prices. Of course they make a margin on the goods traded but their real money is made through the money market because of the massive volume of product shifted before payment to the suppliers.
Adding insult to injury these corporate organisations also have become the major traders in alcohol, petrol, and gambling with poker machines.

Owing to oppressive taxes, "public charges" & living expenses, most people today find it impossible to endure the discomfort of going without. Pressure on low income people and pensioners has them living in health threatening poverty.
The bottom line is that to survive these disenfranchised, alienated people revert to eating pet food, crime, stealing, cheating, become dishonest, frail, ill and die.
Early death of the elderly and unemployed saves on pensions.

No wonder our prisons and hospitals are over full.

Further more it is disgusting the way our society has treated our indigenous, the first people of this land.

Add to this the consequence of war which has led to a world wide flood of displaced refugees seeking basic shelter.

Read here where Charles Koch the American multi billionaire admits and speaks out about the socially divisive ways of the corporate empires.

What more proof  & evidence is need to show that money rules and illegally corrupts & manipulates politics in favour of the rich?


Once again, as history does have a cycle of repeating itself we have become disassociated within ourselves and within society.
The haves and the have nots.

Spiritually lost, left abandoned to aimlessly wander around in the wilderness of self. SermonOnTheMount
As a people we have returned to the days of Pharaoh.

Which brings us to introduce some more brain science work which has progressed over recent months from a Stella journey into the burgeoning, highly lucrative, ever demanding, internet expanding market of pornography.

Compulsive attraction to pornography is an obsessive behaviour engaged to stimulate the clouds of drugs which flood over the self actualizing “Reward Centre” of the brain akin to Mose’s Burning Bush in the story of Exodus after he ascended his metaphoric mountain to meditate.
(Self actualisation.)
So in our bipolar, rhythmically pulsing life our Ego has developed the ability to disassociate us from our spiritual wisdom through this endless contradiction of attraction and rejection.
On or Off.
Yes I will, no I should not.
Be nice, but  I feel guilty /  a cheat, dirty unfaithful.
Should I drink water? No you will need the toilet.
I love it..... but I hate it

Like wise at times we may all find ourself Caught in the money trap.

To the point of "Oh! stuff it, let’s do it & suffer the consequences later".

(Credit cards over spending, gambling, mortgaged, in the money trap.)


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