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As Counsellors & Supervisors.

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 We support and hear you without judgement.

Where necessary we assist to hold, support and study your emotional sense, be that fear or anger or grief or jealousy or just outright retained pain.
We support you to hold that sense of discomfort at bay for you, whilst reassuring you of your safety in the moment.
In kind we nurse as in hold  "the baby's head" to allow you to get on with the delivery.
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The quietened mental state of mindfulness allows us to explore our inner most experience to uncover, expose, realise and release expectations which have previously continued to disturb the liberty and freedom of our "Self".
That very pulse of life, our inner "Tuning Fork" which accompanies our 'ticker'.

Without "Self" there is no life,
Without Life EGO goes out like a spent candle.

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow,
as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man".
William Shakespeare.

The "Self"
is the life born at the instant of conception,
life itself then naturally proceeds to develop an entirely new & complete being prior to leaving our Mother's womb.
If you have watched this miraculous process of the human cell, being fertilised to activate a new life for the composite DNA to go on and develop a perfect new person, then you will be in a more informed place to understand the brilliant complexity that life carries of its own accord.
Life knows within itself what to do to survive.
When its hungry, cold, uncomfortable or hurting in any way "LIFE" cries out for nourishing attention. 

Later the "Sins of the Father" and life's experiences alter and often negatively influenced our development during the first 7 or more years to become the over ruling cognitive dominator of learned rules & expectations.
Cognitive workings of the brain soon takes upon itself the right to dictate the play.

Today we call that cognitive dictator the EGO.
It is the Ego which does all in its power to avoid emotional discomfort, our natural survival sensations.


This common yet unwitting condition for many people is a product of dysfunctional childhood conditioning, also it can be the outcome of unintentional parental modeling, this occurs when one's EGO experiences repeated dysfunctional conditioning to over rule (desensitize) the emotionally disturbed sensations from "Self "

So you see that when we change EGO's dysfunctional false belief we can change our behaviour for the better.

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To do so through Counselling therapy creates the opportunity to change those dysfunctional core beliefs.


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