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We continue to develop this On-Line Provision of Critical Incident, Supervision & Counselling Service in addition to our in house Face to Face Counselling Service as life committed professionally qualified Counsellors & Counselling Supervisors Registered with the ACA*.

We appreciate and thoroughly love assisting People Like Us (PLUs).
Fair Dinkum, honest, ordinary, yet ethical caring people like us who need a hand from time to time to assist & tow us out of life's "boggy patches".
Counsellors are akin to the motorists NRMA, those people we call when we have a flat battery, run out of fuel, or feel stuck by life's roadside.
Counsellors provide encouragement, education & guidance to the public & Professional Supervision for our fellow Counsellors.

One day we may be fortunate enough to join the "Grey Nomads" and take our Counselling & Supervision on the road with the likes of Macca and his "Australia all Over' weekly program on ABC radio as he journeys his way with music and meaningful stories into everyone's life, so with the internet we also maintain contact with our clients providing support to the relationships we establish through Counselling.
Client References:

Comments posted following Counselling Service Supervision, Sydney area.

"I think being a body sensitive therapist very much compliments our relationship together as I am a sensitive soul. 
I have never met a body sensitive therapist before you, and my emotional intelligence has flourished ever since we started working together. 
You have created space for me to just be and this is why I trust you so much. I feel safe around you Rod which I have never experienced before. 
Maybe that's why we can create magic and possibilities in the present moment every time we meet. 
I am the one who is grateful for finding you my friend, but then again I am sure the universe had a hand it that too.
The kindest regards, Cam.
Drug & Alcohol Counsellor Blacktown.

"I can’t Thank you enough Rod for your support for myself personally, and for the team, you are a very valuable asset to us.
 I take what you identify in me very serious.
 I believe I am teachable and if I can heal those things that surface from my little girl the world will be a better place.
 Well, my world any way.
 I feel more empowered after our time yesterday.”

PCA ACT & NSW Supervisee.

I didn't understand the writing on the paper that was handed around the members, but when you explained what it meant and that the supervision was for me and not the client I understood.
As you continued I felt the automatic relief of pressure, as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. (as you witnessed)
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be more objective about my role in counselling."

On-Line Country Counsellor & Hypnotherapist.
"How much I appreciate your loving care"...Sandi

Partner Introduced to Couples Counselling:
"I owe you so much for the help and guidance you gave me when I needed it the most Rod. I will be forever indebted to you xx"....Roz.

Grieving Mother
"Thank you Rod And Carol ~you have helped me so much. You are the people to turn to - when last resorts have run out, and you never stop, your love and support is always there. I can't thank you enough and just wonderful that you are spreading it out there to reach so many.
Much love xoxo" ....Gail.

Text message received after phone Counselling.
Thanks rod and hope u r going welas i have told the pepole at bondi junction that u ar truly out of the ball park as a friend and councilor  thankyo for ur advice mate.
Matty, Hunter Valley

Manager Drug & Alcohol Counselling Service.
“There are therapists and there are therapists.”
I have known and worked with Rod over the past 15 years.
Rod is an experienced, skilled therapist and a genuine man who calls it how it is.
That’s why I chose Rod to conduct Supervision for the staff I was managing at a busy Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselling Service.
“You don’t learn about people from books because people don’t fit into book cases.”
George. Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction Counsellor.

EAP Referred Client:
"I met Rod, as I was at a stage of my life when I needed emotional support through professional intervention, Rod was very welcoming and helped me very quickly to let go of the barriers I was creating for myself. 
What I like the most in Rod is his sincerity and spontaneity, his passion for what he is doing and the bond he created with me. 
He also took his time, was very present during the sessions, so I, not only felt listened to and understood, but cared for. 
Thank you Rod for you help, I am very grateful."
Kind regards, 

EAP Counselling Client (Resigned):
"I was introduced to Rod at a time when I was dealing with overwhelming grief and emotional pain in both my professional and personal life.
Rod had the skill to make me feel safe and completely at ease to discuss many difficult and intimate matters.
He was patient, honest and understanding.
My sessions were never rushed and I always left with a sense of relief and hope afterward.

I am extremely grateful that Rod has provided me with the strength to heal both emotionally and physically and I cannot thank him enough for the support and guidance he has provided to me."
I hope we can continue to stay in touch.
Best wishes & thank you.
(We comment here that with our assistance, Amanda recovered her physical strength, confidence and her self esteem which had been purposely and deliberately abused to force her resignation.) 


 Involves many and varied  processes of assisting Counsellors to be aware of their own assumptions, judgements & short comings so that they may take on the role of the Baby Health Centre Nurse to see that their child / patient in this instance, are raised in a safe manner by "DOING NO HARM" & ensuring that "NO HARM" comes to the Counsellor themselves, with self care guidance to avoid "burn out".

Our formal Qualifications & Association Members;
Graduates from Australian Institute of Professional Counselling
Members of the Australian Counselling Association* (ACA)
Clinically Registered Practitioners & Counselling Supervisors.
Body Sensitive Psychological Therapists.
Members of the ACA KIAMA Chapter of Counsellors
Supervisors to ACA Chapters.
Members of the Aust. Society of Sex Educators Researchers & Therapists 


Our work as therapist is to monitor, be with and shepherd our clients to a safe place
Through evoking a safe state of Mindful Self Awareness.
Where realisations and natural organic clarity
May appear, exposing consciousness to new ways of behaviour,
With fresh approaches to the old failed ways
And unconscious recurring, habitual practices. 
Hence our Logo

We aim to practice non judgmental nurturing care as is necessary for all new born babies.
New born, pure innocent arrivals.

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