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Us from the start:

Contained within the chromosomes of the female and the male species are all the essential ingredients, genetic intelligence and blue printed mapping which, when combined into one at the moment of fertilization produces a new being of the parent species.

We believe that in that instant of fertilization the component and energetic spark of life itself is transferred into the new being.

It is this spark of life which germinates and ignites the genetic intelligence which then begins to pulse and can be readily observed and recorded microscopically and later seen pulsing through ultra sounding technology.


That life is a force, once commenced does all it possibly can do to remain alive and initially nourishes itself on the yolk of the maternal egg soon imbedding itself into the already engorged wall of the uterus where the cyst oblast sack soon attaches itself parasitically whilst the activated genetic material gets on with natures plan to develop the entire new being.

fear4What is fear to you?

Fear is the innate sensation measured by consciousness when the life force experiences an early warning or alert sensation when any potential danger or threat to life is experienced.

We also experience this extension of self sympathetically when we see any life threatening danger.

Readily observed where in nature where we see some dogs being very fearful about the sound of thunder, they also respond to the oppressive energy experienced before a storm and go and hide under the house or a bed in safe familiar darkness.

Once born to new prodgeny the innate native intelligence of this self developing consciousness begins to store all experience of its immediate environment.

This process gives rise to the establishment of memory to which the developing brain adopts CEO entitlements taking upon itself the responsibility to manage and control all emotional traffic, so from then on any sign or impulse of threat becomes highly volatile, easily ignited, rocket fuel in and for mental switching within the brain which completely takes over and dominates any sense of calm or stability.

It is here tentacles of panic set their behavioural roots into the previously activated mental pathways.

That is until we experience a financial melt down or more the point here at this time man experience an overwhelming emotional break through of the dominating egos bankrupt mental schema.

The founding cause of these elevated or distressed states is mostly found in childhood trauma and are too often misdiagnosed and treated by medication with toxic mind sedating drugs to address naturally developed states of anxiety, sadness or depression.

As a consequence to some form of abuse or emotional undernourishment causing psychological scarring to be again immediately recognised in the register held by the mind through a entire range of repetitious issues including abuse, abandonment, neglect, violence, intimidation, etc.


For some a state of instantaneous alert, heightening physiological tension in preparation for fight, flight or freeze for survival.

Increased heart rate, causes blushing with more blood delivered to the skin surface, sweating, shaking muscles, holding of breath.

In the extreme the contraction maybe so intense to result in spilt water and soiled pants.

Or white faced and hardened torso as adrenaline rushes blood to the organs producing a sickening sensation.
This unpleasant sensation is also sensed when we have received a shock from a fright which triggers adrenal release which was not required to make our escape & so the over dose remains and carries that sickening feeling, also often sensed after an uncomfortable disagreement or argument, which had our body feeling the tension of the potential threat


Mankind's progressive de-evolutionary ignorance of self awareness as the ego mind established greater psychological addictions (beliefs) to the lifeless material world.

Fear is the word used to describe a natural sensation experienced by consciousness to an immediate threat or a lack of safety, this maybe triggered by a false mental perception to a lack of safety due to or as a consequence to memory's perceived identification with former psychological or physiologically painful experience and earlier life abuse or neglect.


1. Media's deliberate over promotion to natural disasters and incidents of civilian violence, terror and the dramatic sensationalism of such incidents.

We do not need to have a very big fire to fill a TV screen and what a feeding frenzy did the media have with the recent summer fires.


2. Man kinds' ignorance to conscious self awareness.

3. Then we have the political jousting and deliberate lies and deceptions of some politicians and high flyers promoting destructive corporations whilst they hold vested interests and connections for commercial benefit. Her the former US Vice President takes the honours for having his company collect some $13 billion in contracts to supply services to the US forces which invaded Iraq.

4. Taking us onto the Oil, banking, tobacco, sugar and other inhumane unsustainable corporate cartels general abusing society through the commercial and material plunder of natural earth bound resources in their insatiable hunt for individual identity through corporate material sovereignty.

5.The present international criticism towards immoral self rewards to corporate CEO well exposes this reality.

Through cognitive directed behaviour we see that many of these individuals are frequently motivated by an insatiable need to perform to gain recognition due to the undernourished inborn fear of being insufficient, never being good enough forms of systemic behaviour established, founded and transferred generationally in early emotional undernourished emotional abandonment.


Following on from the some of the above we consider ourselves to possibly be socially dominated and hence restricted by merchants of fear.

More to the point we have been duped by these merchants and in our sloth for an easy life in a ‘take away society' we have relegated our individual responsibility for our independence to factory production and therefore have lost contact with our innate generational survival skills. Our living conditions have become so congested and over built we no longer know how or have the land to produce and grow food. So rather than grow and produce our own food we rely and are dependent upon the supermarket aisle or take away shops for our daily picking.

Hence our awakening awareness to our dependence on the supply of essential nourishment, food, water, shelter and services activates the threat to our life force and hence individuals become challenged fearful and desperate as factories close and increased unemployment becomes inevitable in the economic climate of 2009 and possibly for and into the next 3 or more years.

Fear in society therefore is rising as nobody wants to be hurt.

Road rage, cultural and gang clashes, fleeing war torn immigrants, boat people fleeing their home lands, hotel and street violence are readily identifiable examples of our lost and troubled ways.


Genetically we inherit the innate desire for life.

Just as we absorb the accent to language of our community the brain also absorbs cultural transference of exposed behaviour so we actually do absorb and duplicate responses to similar circumstances around us without necessarily feeling the endangered sensation or situation because, to us we absorb and unwittingly adopt the dysfunctional behaviour as normal and acceptable.


And how do you make them realise them?
Yes sadly most of the world has completely lost touch with their individual consciousness and tend to live obliviously in a materialistically driven etheric state of unconsciousness, of a ego mind dominated existence.

As therapists we are able work with and care for people when they come to the realisation that all their material success or their perceived failure to succeed still leaves them disappointment and lacking personal contentedness and equanimity within their being.

When materially successful people find themselves still unsatisfied, ungratified, alone, or feeling neglected or abandoned again whilst surrounded by and becoming aware of the shallow emptiness offered through their material success.

In this situation seeking therapy for marriage and relationship disintegration or separation is a reasonably good times to make contact with formerly denied or neglected emotions for most people.

Unfortunately others have been so repetitively wounded and scarred in early life that their pain was so intense and absolutely unbearable that their mind became completely dominant to the point of totally isolated them from their emotional consciousness.

In such cases any momentary contact, stimuli, with consciousness instantly triggers a brain switching response. Here they live unaware of their psychopathic state in a fortified place of inner isolation.

Varying circumstances and inherent genetic traits of these individuals have unintentionally led them to psychologically lock themselves in their own safety vault and these people seldom seek or even believe in therapy and those that do seek help require the skills of a dedicated and major locksmith (therapist) to free them from enslavement to this mental dungeon.

The Robin Williams Matt Damon movie Good Will Hunting demonstrates this particular scenario very well.

Many sever cases of such abuse are so permanently scarred that life sets them to be institutionally confined and incaserated as many become incapable of maintaining mental stability

During times of relational therapy individuals can sometimes make sensorial contact and actually feel their emotional pain which they attribute primarily to the separation from their partner. However what has actually happened is that they have formerly separated their feelings from consciousness through the minds involuntary intervention and the shock of the present separation actually penetrates the mind's fortifying barriers.

Humans actually abdicate conscious management to, EGO our own version of a CEO by the minds board of directors which unintentionally ignores the share holders invested feelings. These are the feelings that as children we were ordered to obey and so learn early to mask that embarrassment or that shameful not good enough sensation with laughter or good time joking distractive or performance behaviour rather than experience the pain, toxicity of shame and consequent sensational discomfort with entire loss of invested personal funds.

Hence ever time the stimulus of discomfort began to rise we have been taught and learned to "laugh it off".

Here we could offer the television programme Funniest Home Videos which is really a violent display of really awful situations which does actually make contact with our own pain to which we feel ok about laughing.

As therapists we are trained to contact the emotional aspect of a story in the present moment and then we gently study what the formerly denied consciousness beneath is actually attempting to cover or mask. "So you feel that now eh?"

Once the wound is discovered and consciously exposed and emotionally experienced we become able to treat it and provide nourishment to assist the healing and introduce new responses to old unconscious habitual behaviour formerly dictated to us by mind's CEO our EGO.

Due to varying perceptions to the lack of safety each individual experiences it is often very difficult and neigh on impossible for the lay person to deal with the discomfort of denied pain and so it is that denied pain in each and every individual which becomes the very foundation for anger, distrust, arguments and disputes as the individual tries to avoid contact with the pain and does all they possible can do to avoid sensing their buried feelings.


Yes to a point but fear will always be and remain a common natural emotion for all generations, however advances of knowledge and understanding does help to alleviate irrational thinking. Old superstitions and false beliefs such as death being inflicted on an individual by ‘bone point' once held power over naïve and innocent individuals but is less likely to occur in same form in modern society .

However criticism of one who for unspoken reason may fall by the social wayside due to some soul destroying neglect or emotional treachery experienced by toxic shame may still fall into emotional and physical collapse which unfortunately is generally overlooked with disgust, condemnation and misunderstanding by the broader society's judgmental ignorance. For example where pain obstructing mind altering drugs were once socially feared, frowned upon and unacceptable our modern society is less condemning and inclined to see their use in some way as acceptable and "users" in need help and attention from rehabilitation way side chapels and needle exchange centres.

In general men and women of our Western model of democratic societies are becoming more wounded, emotionally dulled and pain burdened, hence they have become more violent abusive and destructive inflicting greater and deeper trauma into the greater society, in the extreme of this personal insensitivity they believe they need to kill to live, some actually commit the ultimate abuse by killing themselves in their attempt to escape the intensity of their own pain.

Society is being exposed to more incidents and greater violence across the broader social spectrum with daily media promoted and reported "News" incidents of life threatening wars, death, murders, civilian attacks and general drunkedness by insane rage intoxicated, glass slashing wounded minds which has recently caused hotels to replace drinking glasses with plastic containers and will shortly see cans replacing all bottles over the counter in pubs and hotels.

Many other examples of societies inability to deal with its emotions are around us daily such as the drug trades recent spate of drive by shootings, gangsters and bikies running public gang wars amidst highly publicized socially toxic television promotions of vile and violent anti social behaviour amidst commercials promoting alcohol, gambling, whilst destructively displaying repetitive visions of violent, pornographic, depraved sexual abuse in the prime time, free to air, national television program Underbelly.

Absolute horrific visual evidence of a depraved, mentally ill society entertaining itself and numbing emotions with completely indisputable moral decadence.


What effect does it have upon them

Children mirror their immediate social environment. So what can we expect of children if they watch the TV news or the commercial trash used to prostitute commercial advertising.

Such modeling establishes life long behavioural habits which the individual accepts as normal responses to specific stimuli.

Voice accent is a classic example of this truth. An adopted Australian child raised in a New Zealand family adopts the accent of the Kiwi.

All other "accents of behaviour" are also adopted by the child to the unfortunate degree that a girl raised in a home of domestic violence becomes so used to moderating her behaviour to suit her Fathers demands that she becomes conditioned to accept and feel comfortable around that dysfunctional behaviour to such degree that these women often find themselves choosing a husband prone to having similar violent behaviour as did their Father.

A recent TV beer commercial shows the generational transference of such unintentional behaviour where the Father asks the son to "go and get ya old man another beer please" and in quick succession we see the son then asking his son to "go and get ya old man another beer please"

Yes similarly childhood fears may often be carried into adult life until they are addressed through behaviour identifying therapy which normally presents for attention with some form of emotional collapse at the perceived life numbing, disintegrating failure of a personal, business or relationship collapse or repetitive collapses.

Those people fortunate enough to undergo intensive body sensitive psychotherapy therapy with an experienced practitioner do find great personal release and relief when these former ill founded bonds of social conditioning are cut, released, replaced to then be carefully and experientially sensed with the new responses to old systemically established habitual ways .



Definitely, fear may stifle and suppress natural emotional and physical development to the point, in extreme cases, where an individual may be totally unable to cope in society, withdrawing completely from all social contact becoming a severely psychopathically stunted misfit.
There are multiple levels and shades of such psychopathy and mental health disorders which often inhibit and obstruct open social intercourse as an immediate consequence to childhood oppression. Instances may lead to irrational and erratic decision making often contributing to broken lines of communication as one party may bring undisclosed obstructive, fear founded agenda to the conversation or situation.
In these instances any sense or emotional evocation instantly gives rise to a sensed lack of safety and the individual immediately reverts to the conditioned response, instantly becoming defensive which may rise further to aggression if the impulse is not well understood and the disturbance acknowledged and the individuals safety reassured. Depending on the individual life experience a response such as this attempt of reassurance for safety could possibly incite further fear.



Fear founded shame reinforced by adult belief empower hideous emotional shades of childhood founded fear and psychological scarring inflicted and buried deep into the psyche of the individual who has lost their home and basic shelter after being through the hideous experience of bankruptcy. This individual may well be forever reluctant to reenter the banker's fray due to the withheld painful memory of such a former experience.

Future business decisions are or maybe restrained, in the extreme to the point of homelessness where individuals are left housing dependent and to the mercy of the rental market or congested poor quality social housing enclaves.

Such a fear founded reality is a whipping board and an extreme deterrent to home owners and under normal financial practices assures the bankers and financiers of the enslavement of their borrowing customers until we arrive at times such as 2009 where the entire financial balloon is deflating into depression as was recorded last in the 1930s.

Unfortunately we have returned to that same place. At present international business attention and Politicians are doing all in their power to kick state a new monopoly game where we all are granted $900 if we pass go as political management strains to stem the rise of pain and aggression whilst the greater society adopts the identical behaviour to the individual. That is when a society feels threatened it attempts to defend itself by market contraction to a point of freezing until the danger passes.



Remembering that fear is the innate sensation measured by consciousness when the life force experiences an early warning or alert sensation when any potential danger or threat to life is experienced.

We need to recognise that fear is the word given to a life preserving sensation so we must never desire to overcome fear, as this is exactly what has led the greater society away from itself and off to oblivion so well portrayed in mythological fairy stories such as Rip Van Winkle, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or Gulliver in his travels who was tied down by the threads of "the little people" his thoughts.

People may definitely over come the ego driven mental responses which ignite fear by rediscovering their own personal consciousness and by the "Self" recognition that you are NOT YOUR MIND.

YOU ARE THE CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH WAS BORN AT THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION and that consciousness has all the necessary innate intelligence to keep you safe and happy forever if you remain aware, in touch and constant communication with the feelings generated within your self.

We need to practice this by silencing the ego of our mind through the simple process of being conscious of and aware of our body and by momentary meditation and listening to the quiet calm inner self the I within.

Then through the progressive developing of loving kindness and non judgmental understanding in self love, tolerance, compassion the world will be a better place for Hannah and if we all were like you Hannah the world certainly would be a much more loving kind gentle thoughtful place and I would even consider returning in my next life (if I need to) as your chocolate eating Scruffy dog.

Love is the answer.
Love is the reason.
Love is the way.

Here following is a a wonderful relationship poem for all mankind which pretty well covers most spots.

By Therapist Virginia Satir

I want to love you without clutching
Appreciate you without judging
Join you without invading
Invite you without demanding
Leave you without guilt
Evaluate you without blaming
And help you without insulting

If I can have the same from you
Then we can truly meet
And enrich each other

Lots of love Hannah and thank you for asking us to write this work for you, whilst there is a great deal more to this entire study I do encourage you to take some time to really understand the concluding remarks that you are your consciousness and the EGO of our mind actually hijacks who we really are and it keeps us captive whilst ever we allow that to happen.

Whilst that is all happening we allow ourselves to be victims of our own mind, that is a very very sad state of affairs and of the world and can be readily identified by the state of our polluted environment and the endless and wanton greed of the never satisfied minds of man who is mentally driven by his deranged misinformed mind which fearfully accumulates possessions to which he erroneously believes he has some sense of connected identity.

This can only happen because he has lost his sense of consciousness and has no awareness of self and therefore no awareness to or of the abuse he inflict into the world.

The answer to all of this is to:

Know and believe you are a beautiful just as you are.

Never ever forget that you are much greater than the ego of your mind.

Stay in touch with the consciousness of your life within she or he is all you have when all is said and done.

When all is said and done We must possess self love and so love ourself.

We cannot give love to others if we do not possess love ourself.

C.R.M. 26.04.09.


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