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Working with the debilitating mental, emotional and physical after math of Depression is becoming a daily occurrence in our Bondi Junction Counselling practice.

Here below are some articles which we on post from Beyondblue the nationally recognised organisation dealing with Depression.

One of the major deterrents to attending Counselling for the Australian community is the erroneous self held belief that we should be able to look after our self.
Unfortunately our social conditioning and childhood exposure to many and varied forms of dysfunctional social attitudes and behaviour leaves us with the belief which our psyche reverts to when ever some emotional trigger of discomfort activates a contracting fear driven response, an inward breath holding response from old learned unconsciously stimulated behaviour.

andrew_johnsAndrew Johns the amazing football player in a down moment.

His career was plagued by high personal expectations which most probably placed too great a demand on his total being and the slumps, wounds and disappointments were at times too distressing for him to manage, so he "partied" through them to arrive at an even great abyss to be met.

Carol Stuart and Rod McClure from 777 Counselling Service regularly assist clients who have previously attended medical services and been prescribed mind and body numbing anti depressants to "paper over" underlying psychological wounds and trauma which body sensitive psychotherapy actually contacts for core healing.
Certainly there are occasions and cases where psychotic managing medication is required and we do refer those case to GP's for Mental Health Plan assessment.
We make not pretense here of working with Andrew although the offer was made to his Manager, the NRL general manager the Footy Show panel.

Fortunately Brad Fittler has taken the authoritative position of identifying excessive alcohol as a major deterrent to footballers performance.

All football codes display massive hypocrisy and double standards by keeping their tills filled with their addiction to alcohol sponsorship funding.

andrew_johnsWhat is depression?

In lay men's terms we could say depression is the bottom end of a mood swing, which in many instances is "avoided' by ingesting or participating in "Uppers" of drugs, alcohol, sex, obsessive behaviours, with alcohol and gambling.

The wonderful rugby league footballer and amazing athletic performer, Andrew Johns from Newcastle pictured here, by his own admission was a classic example of this incredible depressive polarity.

Andrew placed himself under the most incredible pressure to "DO WELL", when he seemed to be most content surfing a wave, which as is his developed nature, he would have done exceptionally well any way.

Being the "Joey" of the family Andrew, we guess just had to out perform his loving elder brother Matthew, who possibly tried to please the "Big Roo" their Father and so the system is passed on for generations until some one breaks the chain.

To show the courage and composure in his self admission only enhances our respect for Andrew who will now be able to 'be himself".

Depression is common and affects up to one million people in Australia each year.

Depression is not just a low mood or feeling sad, but a serious condition that needs treatment.

People with depression generally feel sad, down or miserable most of the time.

They find it hard to engage in or be interested in normal day-to-day activities.

AS with all serious and neglected emotional disturbances Depression ultimately has serious effects on physical as well as mental health.

Referrals to Medical Doctors.

Certainly there are times when we refer clients to our preferred psychiatrists and medical practitioners for prescription assessment which is our professional responsibility.

The following notes from Beyondblue tend to take the medically qualified road and ignore the benefits of loving nourishment, compassionate understanding and gentle caring humane body sensitive psychotherapy to address some of these age old emotional stressors such as asthma arthritis, grief and loss.

The wonderfully amazing and hilarious soul Gary McDonald is a foundation sponsor of beyondblue along with other well know identities including former Victorian State Premier Jeff Kennet and media personality Jessica Rowe are all helping to bring Depression out from beneath the covers of hidden shame and and embarrassment.

Here he is one of Gary's great comic performances interviewing Sir John Gorton the former Prime Minister of Australia who "Norman Gunston" aka Gary McDonald referred to as the Liberal Politician with a Labour face.


How do you know if a person is depressed?

A person may be depressed, if for a period of more than two weeks they experience:

1. Feeling sad, down or miserable most of the time,


2. Loss of interest or pleasure in most of their usual activities AND experienced some
of the following symptoms:



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