Counselling and Body Centered Psycho Therapy

....something seems to be missing in my life.

Our Counsellors are trained, mature, experienced, professionally qualified, psycho therapists who are able to assist untangle lifes confusion of anxiety, frustration, depression or disappointments.

So you may clear your way from former inhibitions. Find and recover strengthen confidence and your self esteem so that you become mindful to emotional sensations, becoming self aware, in so doing we become able to avoid being disassociated or endlessly wounded, by feeling small, shy, frustrated, angry, embarrassed or simply not good enough.

Learning about how we "Fight, Fly or Freeze"

We do this by therapeutically offering support, nourishment and self discovery for you when you need some special help because you feel seriously threatened or feel you may possibly loose control, or do or say the wrong thing because "it" has become too much.

You maybe feeling really lousy, worried, or hurting, discontented, sad, jealous, scared, lonely, afraid, unhappy, angry, probably short tempered, even arguing or generally confused and experiencing a sense of being trapped in some seemingly irresolvable frustrating repetitive cycle of loneliness indecision or despair.

Maybe you are feeling locked out and unable to make a decision to please yourself or please others due to the many factors involved in our process of life, in the work place, with our children, lovers, partners or extended family.

Our Counsellors help our client become aware of the missing experiences which formerly denied them a peaceful existence and the gratification of their essential needs.

Many people remain unaware of habitual cultural and social abuse, neglect, or ignorance which led them to be conditioned to deny their natural individual development.

As infants we are schooled to ignore the fact that as a species we are living breathing, sensitive, emotionally responsive individual beings.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

We are individual beings who to live contentedly need basic shelter, food, water, air, sleep, love, and sex, along with collective physiological, psychologically safe emotional acceptance, nourishment, with a freedom to express creativity and experience a state of accepted social connection and belonging from conception until death.

When any of these essential basic needs lack gratification the demand increases, we feel despondent, angry, down, unhappy, knowing something is "missing in my life", modeled in the same way since the baby's cry for hunger when its body communicates its discomfort and need for nourishment we intuitively know something is missing.

However if we have never experienced this deep sense of loving self nourishment as adult we simply do not know where or how to find that missing experience, that inner sense of self awareness.

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