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Rod McClure JP & Carol Stuart

"Love never hurts......
It's in the wanting to be loved,
Wherein lies our pain."

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow,
As the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man".
William Shakespeare.

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What is love, and why are some people unable to find it?

What is loneliness, and why does it hurt?

What are relationships, and how and why do they work the way they do?

hippocratesAnswering these questions, laying bare the heart's deepest secrets, is this book's aim.

Since the dawn of our species, human beings in every time and place have contended with an unruly emotional core that behaves in unpredicted and confusing ways.

Science has been unable to help them.

The Western world's first physician, Hippocrates , proposed in 450 B.C. that emotions emanate from the brain.

He was right to a degree and for the knowledge available -but for the next twenty-five hundred years, medicine could offer nothing further about the details of emotional life.

Matters of the heart were matters only for the arts-literature, song, poetry, painting, sculpture, dance. Until now.


Grief & LossGrief and loss can put people at risk of becoming depressed.
While the signs and symptoms of grief and loss are similar, it's important to recognise the differences so the affected person can receive the most
appropriate help.


The death of a loved one is a common situation that causes grief which is relatively well understood and recognised.
However, when there are big changes in a person's life, it can also leave us with the same feeling as if something/some one has been taken away.

Losses can be large or small and the effect of multiple losses accumulates.

Common experiences of loss:

• Relationship changes - separation, divorce, and of course death of a loved one

• Job changes - unemployment, retrenchment, retirement or demotion

• Change of role - e.g. children leaving home - or becoming a carer and having one's freedom restricted.

• Loss of health through illness, disability and/or ageing

• Miscarriage, infertility - disappointment at not being able to have a child

• Separation from family and friends - e.g. moving interstate or overseas.


Ron Kurtz Bio
Modest Master Psychotherapist

Ron Kurtz

The late Ron Kurtz was the principal creator and a founder of the Hakomi Institute.

Be sure to read Ron's evolving vision for his advanced method of Hakomi. 

"Hakomi is the absolute cutting edge of modern therapeutic technique."

- John Bradshaw, author of Bradshaw on The Family
"Hakomi presents some astounding methods for getting to core material.
It is well grounded in theory and revolutionary in its results."
- Association of Humanistic Psychology Newsletter

Carol  Ron

The Late Ron Kurtz & Carol Stuart.

Pink Duck

Working with clients experiencing the debilitating mental, emotional and physical presence and aftermath of physiological depression is becoming a daily occurrence in our 777 Counselling practice.

Here below are some articles which we on post from beyondblue the nationally recognised organisation dealing with Depression.

Whilst the article does focus specifically on men, many women also experience mood swings and depression.

However in our practice we find that women are much more willing to seek help, counselling and therapy. So we are especially inviting and granting permission for more to ask for support and see just why they find themselves in "hot water" so often.



Setting ourself up for disappointment.

If and when we have any expectation, make any judgment about each other, person,  place or thing we are immediately creating the propensity to be disappointed.

Yes disappointed should our expectation not be met.Koori Children
The effected sense of disappointment that toxic "let down" or sad feeling may leave us, 'never feeling good enough' was probably inflicted and adopted within very early years in our life, before we had developed cognitive recall, our conscious ability to remember.

And so it continues to lie unwittingly buried deep within our individual and our national psyche, cellularly buried with fear of adopted cultural & racial insecurity.

Therefore it becomes quite a shock to actually discover one's self at 35 or 40 years of age when the mid life crisis arrives to shock us into the conscious of who we really are, as against who we throught we were

Our cognitive awareness to such feeling may lie dormant within the psyche, until it becomes apparent and disturbing in these latter years.

Until we actually appreciate and deal with this very early infliction of being wounded, emotionally scarred, hurt, emotionally neglected by the sheer lack of genuine nurture, abused and abandoned it will continue to be a thorn within to readily trigger emotional discomfort at the simplest aggravation.
Too many people remain deluded, forever "looking out" for ways to stimulate some method , some way, some form of happiness.

That abandoned, unwanted feeling shall return like night to day until we learn to "Switch on our own light of mindful awareness."

As adult maturity is progressively achieved  we may begin to appreciate this emotional awareness.

Then we can identify and befriend the feeling as the return of awareness from an OLD Wound, triggered yet again.

It is in this place where sensitive therapist gently evoke to conscious recognition, long suppressed and denied emotional sensations of grief & loss.

Those formerly witheld energetic fumes from toxically contained disappointment, shame & emotional wounds.

Progressively, through the deliberate practice of mindful conscious awareness we grow to recognise and appreciate more feelings.

Upon such identification we learn how to get our Ego out of the way,
To let healing happen as it does,
Of its own accord.
Once the dis-ease is consciously recognised.

IMG 0975

Life knows how to heal itself.

From the moment of conception our life has developed our bodies, kept our heart beating, lungs breathing, intestines digesting, kidneys functioning, ears hearing, etc.

Then Ego took upon itself a right of it's own adopted dysfunctional inherant learning from the environment in which it was cultured.

You are the life within the body.

You are not the Ego manifesting within the brain.

Live on with joy of mindfulness

And the very best relationships.

Once we recognise Ego it is no longer Ego.

7 Helpful Ways

To Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

Relationship Counselling
Good relationships don't just happen.

Many people have the attitude that
"If I have to work at it, then it can't be the right relationship".

This is not a true statement, any more than it's true that you don't have to work at good physical health through exercise, eating well, and stress reduction.

There are choices you can make that will not only improve your relationship, but can turn a failing relationship into a successful one.

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