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Numerous studies have already demonstrated that the thinking processes are significantly changed when individuals are exposed to prolonged or repeated experiences of trauma.

During war, the thought patterns of the brain are dramatically rerouted to engage a more primitive survival thought process used only for emergencies.

The longer an individual is in a trauma inducing environment or the more intense the traumatic experiences, the more deeply engrained these defensive thought processes become.

When the individual leaves the trauma environment, this more deeply engrained thought process now becomes the preferred pathway of even minor stressors.

As a result of this temporary neural readjustment, the individual suffers from what is known as a loss of neuromodulation.

They are unable to regulate their neural responses to an appropriate level.

Their responses to minor stressors are still regulated to the same intensity of someone in a life/death situation of war.

Symptoms to look for which may indicate neurological changes are:

  •    Uncontrollable, impulsive, anger or rage
  •    Irritability and restlessness
  •    Disturbing memories or nightmares
  •    Difficulty concentrating


Depending on the degree, foundation and wound of trauma our Centre has the therapists and facilities to address, rectify, support and in time assist organic healing and trauma recovery which the body can heal, if treated early and with compassionate understanding.

Our composite and holistic body services of Massage, Counselling and Flotation therapy are all specifically about attending to the many and varied degrees of traumatised, sore, aching bodies, overloaded pressured minds and unhappy neglected undernourished souls.

Even sitting, partly folded, at our office desk or behind the steering wheel leaves the body exposed to retaining and holding onto energies which should be passed and expressed.
This is especially so for professional drivers exposed to every day road dangers and distractions.

Every day life is filled with little stress carrying arrows in the air which we train our our psyche unconsciously to ignore as they accumulates.

Yes like the song Little arrows from me and from you they hit us once and they hit us once again, and we hold onto the impact of the psychological reaction as we attempt to protect our self from being wounded.

So we trust that you may take on a greater appreciation and respect for the absolute brilliance of the unconscious part of your psyche which never does get a chance to actually rest completely, unless of course you are surrendering all in a relaxing massage, floating or down loading in supervised professional Counselling.
One of the greatest forms of healing is to be found in quietening ones mind through the regular practice of Meditation.

For further information please make contact here or phone direct for appointments to 02 93877752.


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