Every session of Counselling Supervision conducted leaves one with a sense of amazement to the growth and developmental self awareness of individuals who continues to accept the challenges and life advancing healing of new possibilities to old, set, habitually exercised, unconsciously engaged beliefs.

Supervision reveals unconsciously adopted, life crafted beliefs, patterns and attitudes scored within our behaviour and emotional response pathways.

Significant emotional release with revelation and exposure of former fixed and righteous beliefs and attitudes is really wonderful and often delivers unanticipated overwhelm and amazing emotional relief of old contained toxic emotional energy. 

Where break down becomes break through.
Ultimate realisation and individual exposure of these inner held habitual "scopes of previous misleading self belief” is challenging whilst also delivering welcome relief to retained emotional discomfort and distress. 

Arrival of moments of clarity.

A fine therapeutic line is drawn here to be delicately and sensitively negotiated.
These moments require the ability to be mindful to multiple possibilities of realisation through the awakening available to new views of old ideas & entrenched beliefs.

Experienced Supervisors identify and respect this critical point of potential "break through" with out stepping away from it.

This point is the moment where we wait for the willing servant, the inner small voice of self to be heard, felt and realised by the Supervisee.

As therapists we understand the term “to keep our finger on the wound” to allow healing to naturally occur.

Fish Half Full
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Building Emotional Self Awareness.
Interestingly enough many folk may have experienced such complete and reinforced indoctrination as children, that they are virtually incapable of appreciating this inner guiding wisdom of sensitive emotional self awareness.

For the moment they simply cannot comprehend the the possibility to see things from another's view point.

mental-slaveThey are not alone in that socially indoctrinated mind set.

Supervisors gently create awareness to such ingrained resistance without that adopted cultivated  resistance being further empowered.

By gently acknowledging, supporting and inviting the presence of resistance we actually find that its unintentional involvement softens, this voluntarily brings forth many of those former sheltering fears, psychological terrors imbedded from earlier life threatening experiences. 

Amazing life developing revelations happened here at this turning point of the reawakened consciousness.

Endless sheer amazment is exposed by an individuals innate self conditioning skill and the absolute brilliance of life itself to set up and adopt almost indellible, impregnable forms of unconscious behaviour from such an early age to organise and disguise “its" feelings to ensure “its" own safe survival.

Emotional Denial.
Brilliance of life's intuit wisdom discovers these psychological shelters wherein we learnt to hide and disguise our true feelings in fear that exposure of such emotions has formerly delivered us or even exposed us to painful and vacarious traumatic  consequences, to which we then unwittingly avoid, at great personal emotional cost forming direct pathways to repetitive sadness and emotional denial. Ultimately to the degree of emotional "Burnout".

The absolute simplicity of this innate wisdom is beyond many minds to accept. It occurs habitually without conscious attention, we just do it by keeping on keeping on.

So developing the skill of paying mindful attention here in these moments is where experienced Supervisors assist the Supervisee to see and appreciating these amazing moments of recovered clarity as the mind itself switches with delight at the renewed experience of relieving clarity.

Options and oponions
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A wonderful and ever humbling realisation to be further understood and appreciated is that we are all works in progress, doing our best to get back to the innocent child we were born to be.

See Tabula Rasa. (Or the cognitive blank tablet from whence we came.)
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