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Duck  RabbitCould the soundtrack of your life bring back fading memories?
Catalyst takes you inside an extraordinary new program, revealing how personalised playlists can re-awaken the brains of people with dementia. #ABCcatalyst

Einstein Think

ABC Catalyst is a wonderful program and Volume 6 about the effect of music on the brain to activate neural pathways for those experiencing dementure is nothing less than MARVELLOUS as Richie Benaud was known to state regularly during his latter days as an International cricket comentator.

This brilliant work surely must be amongst the very best of modern day mental health research as we "stumble around" looking for reasons to why there is so much violence and trauma being inflicted and experienced around the world, whilst too little emphasis is placed and  relatively no real effort made to address the long term wounding influence of TRAUMA.
Trauma too frequently inflicted by & upon the developing fragile minds of childhood by social ignorance, abuse, sheer denial, and general unprepared parental neglect and incompetence.

Most therapists today do understand that basically all aspects of obsessive compulsive behaviour is a consequential outcome of childhood trauma.
Subsequently the acting out behaviour often leads to an inability to maintain secure relationships, and can be a significant contributor to domestic violence.

Do we yet understand & appreciate  that "The sins of the Father...& the Mother are passed down for many generations?

Further more when one speaks of the unfortunate reality of autism and the imprisoning difficulties experienced by devoted parents raising autistic children we surely must be able to do better, to be a more loving, appreciative, caring, understanding society.

In other pages we have written of the work of Professor Stephen Porges and his Poly Vagal Theory which he pioneered in the early 1990s, and today we can see more about his progress in treating autistism with distorted sound frequencies.

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