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“For most people, their spiritual teacher is their suffering.
 Because eventually the suffering brings about awakening.”
Eckhart Tolle

Re-awakening Our Spirit Within.

Nan  Son Hug"Accents
of behaviour".

Many years ago I wrote the poem below with the intention of helping young men and some women too, to help recognise and appreciate the separation that can and too often  has occured between a little child’s life sensing natural sensitivity  
(our spiritual senses, our life),

And the conditioning we recieve, accept and simply adopt as
or more the point

Completely forgetting

Seed is born with germ of life
Stamen Ovum all the same
Mother nature rules this game
Girl child born, maiden soon
Grows with nature menses to moon
Virgin, Lover Mother, Crone.
Life of Mother, nature known.

Boy born of Father's stone
Becomes rock, all alone
Within this rock Eros laid
Egg of Spirit his Inner bride.
This egg is man's seed of life
Light of moon's love awakens his seed
Revealing carnal lust, Ego, fear, anger control, greed.

Once AWAKE he is reborn
His new LIFE begins,
As Michael slays
So EROS wins.

St George Leadlight

The Rose
Flower of Love

Life experienced as consciousness
is who we really are, 'life' in our body.
In a nigh and often considered miraculous manner our entire complete functioning body, self developed, following conception from egg & sperm.
Consciousness is brilliant & readily influenced, the learning & ever aware part of us which is also taught to and unintentionally conditioned to deny, hide, and suppress life's activated sensations, our feelings.
As with many successful businesses our Consciousness is taken over by a competitive development of self known as  Ego.
Through maintaining control of consciousness, The Ego learns to deny naturally generated feelings with its intention to avoid exposure and revelation of perceived to be seen weakness to the predatorial surrounding society.

Ego wants to rule, dominate and control all of us.
Ego thinks it has that duty, that responsibility & that right.

Ego often acts as a Dictator, stubbonly refusing to accept emotional sensations. 
If control is challenged Ego becomes frustrated.
Any furthe challenge will see Ego raise its defenders to violent rage & anger.

"Toughen Up".
Unfortunately in learning to do so we unwittingly train and condition ourselves to show no fear, no hurt, no shame, no lonliness, no abandonment.
We are encouraged and in many instances directed to adopt the 'dysfuncytional principal belief' that we have to "toughen up" to survive.

Where has this attitude taken us to today we must ask?
Our hospitals and prisons are over full and poverty and illness is strewn through out the world for the greater majority.

So we are repititiously conditioned & we condition ourselves to be obedient servants of our Ego, like little soldiers.
Our emotional senses are traumatised, seeking safe survival as we bury and accumulate the energy into our very being, our DNA.

Doing so & holding onto and suppressing any emotional sensations is primarily unwittingly adopted from the model under which we evolve ( our family environment) during our first seven or so years of life. Commencing at conception which also brings forward identifying characteristics of our parents.

Skilled stockmen, stud breeders, & self promoting psychopathic elite know this aspect of their animals thoroughly. As with Eugenicists

Ego driven Man thinks himself so smart, so clever, so rich, he misses the story completely. 

Learning and Transference of Adopted Behaviours.

Monkey see Monkey do etc. 

Displaying truly "unbelievable native wisdom", so confronting to many elite ensconced in their harbourside mansions. 

In addition to the obvious transference of physical and genetic characteristics national language and their unique accents are the easiest and basic, undeniable evidence here to environmental transference of learning.

Accents may travel around the world and once adopted remain 'set' within the individual's vocal cords for many years.
With older people using an adopted second or subsequent language to their "native tongue" the accent normally remains fixed, pretty well for life.

We undeniably gain, mimic and subsequently adopt an accent and language from the sound and meaning of language from  the environment in which we are raised.
Calls from a familiar friend or family are readily identified from their individual voice.
We rest this case.

Similarly we unconsciously and undeniably adopt "accents of behaviour".

Emotional Development & Personal Sensitivity.

By natural, progressive development young girls in contrast to young boys, are given initiating life maturing, physical stages through which they pass from birth to giving birth, throughout their developmental stages of emotional awareness to adult enlightenment.

Young boys on, (and often in!) the other hand, seldom mature beyond the primal excitement of sensing "blood filling thrills like sparrows flying" around their nether regions, engorging the experience of self generating, life long, erectile building, delusional power.

Such sensations may in later years also be activated through exciting & dominating power thrills of bravado conquest, through the excitment of drugs, gambling, pornography, sexual domination, sexy cars, speed, flight, fighting, guns, rockets, & ultimately war.

In similar vein to my poem below we may also hear and see in Bette Midler's song "The Rose" which tells the identical story in music of the denied suppressed child within.
Bette sings of the Endless aching need lying beneath the winter snow.
The immature, undeveloped suppressed, stifeled, feminine/masculine part of this human species we referr to as man kind.

As a society we have unwittingly allowed ourselves to be condition to such an oblivious, imbalanced extent of emotional denial that we have lost contact with the reality of humanity. 

In the words of Pope Francis "Society has returned to the days of Pharoah".

Pope Francis

Real contentment has been exchanged and replaced by endlessly seeking external pleasure for personal enlightenment.  

Self Enlightenment, Self Actualisation.

Self actualisation is the result of conscious spiritual acceptance of self.
Some are fortunate to understand this passage to enlightenment through appreciation of self study and the assited guidance of spiritual masters.
For many others this spontaneous ignition of conscious is available to all when our basic needs are not gratified and the toxic accumulation of dis-ease accumulates to breaking point.

As therapist we welcome those who have been diagnosed by the Spiritually inept as having Emotional Break Down.

Our way is to see beautiful people who have endured a "Break Through" from living a false pretensive, emotionally denied life of suppression and denial.  

Self actualisation is located on the other side of the Eye of the Needle for those "With eyes to see and ears to hear".

Self Awareness.
Once such joy is ignited there is no turning back.
Such brilliant awakening is permanent.
We then proceed into life through a continuig  "inner view" with the SELF capable of responding to the inner message delived to consciousness by our life force.  

Now fully Awake. 
It is here within mindful self awareness, where we will find inner spiritual nourishment, acceptance, true self love, recognition, reconnection with our feelings towards our emotions.

Have faith in yourself, this is who we/you were born to be before "the mob" unwittingly led us astray.

Consequent to habitually reinforced modelling infant development is impregnated by and unconsciously adopts dysfunctional modelling as normal behaviour.  
Therefore we emphasise that it is extremely important to know and understand that it is no fault of any individual to find themself, lost, struggling, and staggering in the wilderness.

Such repetitious behaviour is modelled in the environment in which we are raised, hence we develop what we have named "accents of behaviour" which provide unwitting automatic responses and reactions to avoid 'triggered'  discomfort of emotional stimuli.
Many individuals know no better and struggle through life living in this permanent state of emotional denial.
We are sure you recognise many of these characters who do have prominent and highly influential positions in society and who continue to poison people's minds through their ignorance.
Media & advertising readily comes to mind.

Hence all society is pre programmed by this conditioning to accumulate stress.

Stress is societies greatest  dis-ease......    .......disease. Illness.
Big money in all forms of medicine, and they want to keep it that way.

Hence the attempted abandonment of Medicare.

Through this repetitive & habitual conditioning constantly being reinforced by media and advertising, we unwittingly allow our ego to mislead us into the place of unconscious denial, a hypnotic state , or semi-consciousness.
Maybe there is a moral to the story about The Pied Piper. Or Rip Van Winkle.
We effectively shut “our selves” down completely, many live life lost, disassociated, stagnating in a condition of absolute emotional denial, left entirely under the corporate control of one's own Ego. 

Indoctrinated, dictated nations are formed in similar dysfunctional fashion.
Here is the identical place where fundamental and national cultures are bred.

Bred and led to remain here until we experience a "Peak Experience"
An incredible "BREAK THROUGH MOMENT" when the previously denied reward centre of our consciousness becomes flooded with natural neural transmitting Oxytocin and Dopamine generating the instantaneous sensorial experience which sets the entire  Reward Centre "aglow" so to speak.

Virtually and effectively experienced as an explosive "orgasm of consciousness".

Such instantaneous “ah hah!” moments are mind altering re-awakening of the sleeping consciousness providing the narrow cerebral passage through which rebirth of enlightenment occurs to return one to the true self.

That place spoken about as the 'eye of a needle' where rich men have trouble to pass through as their consciousness is obscessed and totally occupied about growing more wealth.

Many of these are the rich hard working innocent ones, living in a lost egotistically dominated world of blown out, numerically recorded, wealth and property. They have "done it hard" and survived, now they must protect their efforts at all cost. 
They are supposedly the smart ones with their minds over burdened by thoughs protecting and defending their materialistic riches.

Spiritual fortune favours the brave;
The brave ones are those who keep trying against all odds until they "hit the wall" and experience an emotional "Break through".
The moment where they can no longe contain and supress the accumulated denied emotions. The associated dis-ease experienced come from the progressive release of accumulated toxic energy, medically named as Chronic Fatigue, Glandular Fever, Burn Out etc etc. 

These are the ones who maybe ready and many do manage to pass through the eye of the needle by having the courage to honestly open up, speak out, recognise and name the real sense of pain, being honest to themselves and others and delivered from their life of former unwitting suppression and emotional denial.

A Break Through is an opportunity for the relief and release of all that "emotional constipation", waste that should have been used as intended then passed and never held to block the emotional system.

Shock of a sudden death or significant loss may bring about such an awakening.

As Eckhart Tolle author of the book A New Earth, writes, 
“For most people, their spiritual teacher is their suffering. 
 Because eventually the suffering brings about awakening.”

Hence we refer to those as  “Born again”, 
those individuals who attribute this momentious sensation to a spiritual awakening, by simply having their pure consciousness returned to the adult they were born to be.

Born to be that is, before being taking off to unconscious oblivion by the mob who have lost their way and are still wandering in the wilderness paying homage to false gods and fatted calves whilst waiting watching the aging horizon for the return of Moses or Mohamed or Jesus.

There have been and there remains today wonderful Spiritual teachers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sai Baba, Joel Goldsmith, Martin Luther King, , Eckhart Tolle, Nelson Mandella, Australia's own "Mr Eternity" Arthur Stace and no doubt many others. 

If people only knew all these type of people and many others have been quietly waiting inside them forever, waiting and hurting, waiting for the IN DVIDUAL to Wake Up and become
One united self of Body, Mind and Spirit.

It is that easy. 

See and Listen to Neil Diamond's The Art of Love

Here is Eckhart Tolle’s Youtube  lecture on Enlightenment 

Interested in a little more self discovery, no fee for looking? Nothing ventured nothing gained ! 


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