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Learning and Transference of Adopted Behaviours.
Self Enlightenment, Self Actualisation.
Hence all society is pre programmed by this conditioning to accumulate stress.
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“For most people,

Their spiritual teacher is their suffering.

 Eventually the suffering brings

about awakening.”

Eckhart Tolle

Re-awakening Our Spirit Within.

Nan  Son Hug"Accents
of behaviour".

Many years ago I wrote the poem below with the intention of helping young men and maybe for some women too, to help recognise and appreciate the separation that can and too often has occured between a little child’s life sensing natural sensitivity of 
Our Spirit,
LIFE itself. 

Being superseded by the indoctrinated domination of

From conditioning indoctrination we accept and simply adopt  
Or more the point


Completely forgetting
Who we were

Born to Be.


Seed is born with germ of life
Stamen Ovum all the same
Mother nature rules this game
Girl child born, maiden soon
Grows with nature, menses to moon
Virgin, Lover Mother, Crone.
Life of Mother, nature known.

Boy born of Father's stone
Becomes rock, all alone
Within this rock Eros laid
Egg of Spirit his Inner bride.
This egg is man's seed of life

Light of moon's love awakens his seed

St Michael  Diana

Revealing carnal lust, Ego, fear, anger control, greed.

Once AWAKE he is reborn

His new LIFE begins,
As Michael slays

So EROS wins.

St George Leadlight

The Rose
Flower of Love

Life experienced as consciousness
is who we really are, 'life' in our body.
In a nigh and often considered miraculous manner our entire complete functioning body, self developed, following conception from egg & sperm.
Consciousness is brilliant & readily influenced, the learning & ever aware part of us which is also taught to and unintentionally conditioned to deny, hide, and suppress life's activated sensations, our feelings.
As with many successful businesses our Consciousness is taken over by a competitive development of self known as  Ego.
Through maintaining control of consciousness, The Ego learns to deny naturally generated feelings with its intention to avoid exposure and revelation of perceived to be seen weakness to the predatorial surrounding society.

Ego wants to rule, dominate and control all of us.
Ego thinks it has that duty, that responsibility & that right.

Ego often acts as a Dictator, stubbonly refusing to accept emotional sensations. 
If control is challenged Ego becomes frustrated.
Any furthe challenge will see Ego raise its defenders to violent rage & anger.

"Toughen Up".
Unfortunately in learning to do so we unwittingly train and condition ourselves to show no fear, no hurt, no shame, no lonliness, no abandonment.
We are encouraged and in many instances directed to adopt the 'dysfuncytional principal belief' that we have to "toughen up" to survive.

Where has this attitude taken us to today we must ask?
Our hospitals and prisons are over full and poverty and illness is strewn through out the world for the greater majority.

So we are repititiously conditioned & we condition ourselves to be obedient servants of our Ego, like little soldiers.
Our emotional senses are traumatised, seeking safe survival as we bury and accumulate the energy into our very being, our DNA.

Doing so & holding onto and suppressing any emotional sensations is primarily unwittingly adopted from the model under which we evolve ( our family environment) during our first seven or so years of life. Commencing at conception which also brings forward identifying characteristics of our parents.

Skilled stockmen, stud breeders, & self promoting psychopathic elite know this aspect of their animals thoroughly. As with Eugenicists

Ego driven Man thinks himself so smart, so clever, so rich, he misses the story completely. 


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