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Make what you can of this picture (below) there are
two distinct images.

Duck  Rabbit

Are you able to see two creatures ?
Of Feathers or Fur?
By changing the way our mind / Ego interprets things we now can see that the things we look at change.
Life changing moments can be this simple with Hakomi therapy.

Yes, as with this picture our observation of perceived to be compulsive behaviour is manifested avoidance of deeper emotional discomfort.

Similarly there is much to be learned beneath our outward, too often judgemental observations.


As therapist we recommend our patients drop the term addiction and any other mentioned labels which they may have been advised about or self researched.
We have experienced in doing so actually releases burden beliefs patient may be carrying with the particular label or name to their method of avoidance behaviour.

Our body sensitive psychotherapy welcomes and invites the patients mindful focus on the emotionall sensations we contact as physically indicators expose and demonstrate whilst they deliver their story about where they are in the moment.

In so doing our patients may then release themselves from any witheld shame & embarrassment previously inflicted by such disdainfully inflicted belief.

Too often friends, work colleagues and family reinforce this shame by prefaceing a person's life style by the particular behaviour "infliction".

"He's such a drunk." Or "She's a shocking Pokie addict, does everything...everything to get gambling money. Druggo. etc"

This can happen to such a degree that the individuals entire psychological and physiological system may consider and accept habitual possession of that learned method of avoidance behaviour to such a disempowering, or in their words "overpowering" degree that they actually operate under the direct influence of this negative reinforceing behaviour expectation.

Labeling contributes to further head dropping shame empowered stigma.

Many folk do understand or have heard of  Professor Zimbardo with his Standford Prison Experiment where prisoners ultimately became abused by their college fellows who were given the task of Wardens. (Click the download tab to view the TED)
This exposed the specific cultural perceptions which develope in the teams of psychologically untrained and immature Military service people, College seniors initiations,  and it's evident is extremely prominent in corporate and political ideological cultures during these years.

Comparable stimulis and response circumstances as scientifically tested by the salavation of Pavlov's dogs responding to the ringing of a bell.

Psychological manipulation to excitement is conditioning from a very early age through advertising. Because advertising works Father Christmas is Red and White and lives at the North Pole.
All other advertisments have similar exciting cognitive attachments and memory pathways to the address of this North Pole address. Fun.

If advertising did not work we would have an entirely different society.

Similarly that opened, comforting exciting neural pathway to avoidance behaviour then becomes locked into a belief system where that behaviour is considered "their primary problem". So they gamble, or drink or do drugs, pornography, or sex it away.

So get rid of the behaviour they tell us and the "problem" will disappear.

"Well.......... unfortunately no, that is not how it works".

The so named behaviour or behaviours are symptomatic of underlying emotional discomfort, mostly the consequence of childhood inflicted trauma which repeatedly rises for release only to be further suppressed and over ridden by Ego monitoring & cognitive directed compulsive avoidance.

Seems as though we are raised this way, and more so than ever in this modern age where single parent children are left behind the safety of locked doors to be entertained by TV with  Bananas in Pyjamas, Peppa Pig or their button pressing electronic toys which isolateschildren from neural opening social connection of playing games in the park, climbing trees, building forts, sun baking mud pies and naturally progressing the essential developing of expanding their imagination potential, and the other places where we "learn to think".

Instead the tilth of this fertile childhood seed bed is filled with imbalanced, warring images and so we have lost our way to natural maturity as adults as Robert Bly suggest in his book The Sibling Society,  who seem to be the mob running todays world with materialistic obscessions akin to Pharaoh.

Calming the endless aching need.

Unfortunately the consequent psychologically discomfort as this "endless aching need" is proved and considered to be is temporarily sedated by physical avoidance.

We avoided experiencing the discomfort by engaging in any & all forms of compulsive behaviour be that sex, promiscurity, pornography for sexual stimulation, gambling, food, alcohol, drugs, (yeah coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar too), retail therapy, X Box, sport, gym, mountaing bikes,  TV, DVDs Movies, Facebook, texting, even 'happy clapping" church goers, fellow choristers, missionaries and especially entertaining avoidance through inernational exploration and travel where many people make their way just to collect the "badge" I was once told.

Maybe just listening to or playing music or gardening, sailing, golfing  and reading, all these and many other "pass times" may be seen in various ways and forms of avoidance of the emotion sensation of "dis-ease." when these behaviours are engaged in a compulsive manner,becoming obscessive, way beyond the degrees of acceptable moderation. We recommend Counselling attention to see what may be the cause of this "endless aching need' so brilliantly recorded by Bette Midler's song,  "The Rose".


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